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Props for color coordination

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I usually watch Dora with Sabrina but today I turned it on and left the room.  I returned to find this:


I have no idea where she found Tessa’s winter hat or why she decided to wear it but she kept it on all day.  (It was 75 degrees here today.)

As for why I left her to watch alone, am I the last one to hear about Blip?  I had a ball with it today.  It is free.  You just sign up and start picking songs – as many as you want.  You build your own “station” with your playlist.  You listen to it all from your computer.  I might be the last person in the free world who doesn’t have an ipod/MP3 player so I’ve never compiled my own play list before and had a ball picking out songs.  The girls and I spent the rest of the day dancing around the kitchen to my schizophrenic eclectic assortment of songs.

Hold the guacamole

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I decided to try and give Tessa some pureed avocado.  She’s still hanging out in the bottom of the growth chart – up to 14lbs as of 3/18.   Avocado is full of healthy fats and calories.

She wasn’t a fan. And for some reason this made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face.

Hold the guacamole from Michelle Smiles on Vimeo.

And someone asked in the comments last month how I liked my Flip video camera. I’m a big fan – this was filmed with it. It is really easy to use (although I can’t figure out how to get videos straight from it to work on my blog…but that might be my own deficit not the camera’s) and small enough to carry everywhere.

We have a winner!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I used the “Truly Random Number Generator” to give me a number between 1 and 45.  The winner was comment #33 – Jenn! The thing that made her laugh:

“OMG – the {BJ} imitator! Do you think my husband would be upset if I handed that to him next time he wants one? LOL”

(A little editing to keep things family friendly on the front page here.)  Congrats Jenn!

Jenn will receive a $50 Gift Card for Eden Fantasys.

I hope you all had fun with my first give away! I know I did…and I learned a l little bit about some of you in the process.

And a huge thank you to Drew from Eden Fantasys for contacting me to do this fun give away!

All telepathic circuits are busy now…

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Apparently my telepathic blogging doesn’t work any better than when I telepathically respond to email.  I have good intentions but if I don’t do if the moment I think of it, it just doesn’t happen.

For any one local or sort of local or looking for an alternative to Blogher and willing to drive, I keep forgetting to tell you about Blissom ’09.


It is February 6 and 7 here in Nashville.  There will be lots of great speakers, lots of great attendees…and did you hear Jen Lancaster of Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights Big Ass, and Such a Pretty Fat fame will be the keynote speaker?


Join us!  Click one of the buttons for all of the info.

Snow day

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

We had a real snow fall on Thursday night – big fat flakes.  It is weird because there is no snow removal equipment so the snow just stays on the road until it melts.  There is no salt (apparently they use grit sometimes) pinging the undercarriage of the car.  And people here can’t drive in the snow.  We ventured about a mile from home and saw 4 cars in ditches.

Sabrina wasn’t sure what to think of her brief foray out in the snow.

The dog loves the snow.

Tessa was content to stay inside where is was warm.

Friday Tidbits

Friday, December 12th, 2008

My guilty holiday pleasure? Bad holiday movies.  You’ll find me watching Lifetime or ABCFamily on the weekends to get my fill of cheese.  How many bastardized versions of The Christmas Carol do you suppose there are out there?  My vote for the worst stars Vanessa Williams.  I mock them because I love them.


Why do I buy low sodium soup and then add salt?


The thing that brings out my true Grinch this year? The UPS man comes almost daily because both Steve and I did our holiday shopping online.  The UPS insists on ringing the bell when he leaves a package on the porch.  This causes the dog to go nuts which wakes up the baby.  I even hung a sign on the door asking him not to ring the bell.  He rang it anyway.  I want to hunt down the UPS man and break his doorbell ringing finger.  Fa la la la la.


Sabrina only eats food because we won’t let her lick ketchup straight off the plate.  She uses all forms of food as ketchup delivery systems.  It is rather revolting to watch.  I refuse to give her ketchup at breakfast when she asks because I can’t bare to watch her dip her banana in it.


I am incapable of throwing away leftovers until they have sat in the refrigerator long enough to be considered inedible.  If we have leftovers after dinner that I know we will not eat, I still have to put them in the frig.  It just seems wrong to throw away perfectly good food.  But somehow it is less wrong to let it rot and then throw it away.


I got 1 leg shaved on Tuesday before a child began crying.  I had the 2nd one penciled in for Thursday – didn’t happen.  Now I have to start all over again and shave them both.  Sexy, no?

Charge to 200…Clear!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Steve managed to revive my laptop again.  I’m hoping it is feline because we are on life #3 or 4 here.


Tessa was one unhappy baby yesterday and Sabrina never. stopped. talking. all. damn. day.  I might have teetered on the edge a little in the evening.


I think I need to go buy more Halloween candy today to pass out.  Someone has put a dent in ours.  In my defense, I didn’t open it because I knew better.  But once it was opened, I couldn’t keep my hand out of the bag.


It only took me 3 hours to buy a new car.  I asked no one about it.  I did very little research.  I found one I liked from a maker I trusted and bought it.  It has taken me 8 months to decide on a double stroller.  I have accosted women in the park to ask them about their strollers.  I have read every review site I could find.  I have talked to dozens of people. I have asked on message boards.  I finally decided on 1.  Then changed my mind.  Then found the one I wanted $80 off because the color is being discontinued.

It is one heavy mother…but it rides and pushes like a dream.  And I feel like such a MOM pushing it around.  The single stroller didn’t scream MOM to me quite the same way.  And how sad is it that my car only has 2 cup holders but my new stroller has 6?


If we ever decide to adopt again (calm down grandmas…the possibility is very very very remote), I think I’ll attach this photo to our homestudy under “childcare”:


Who?  Me?  Grumpy?  I don’t know what you are talking about!  And I resent the accusation.

Last baby watch 2008 update

Friday, July 25th, 2008

I had my last OB appointment yesterday. No progress. Still only 1 cm. So I have to go in Monday night so they can try to soften my cervix before inducing labor on Tuesday morning. I’m not excited about the extra night in the hospital but I did learn that they have wireless net access in the rooms so I will be reading blogs, emailing, and writing posts about how bored I am. Lucky you guys! You won’t have to wait and wonder what is happening. I can tell you all about the gross lime jello for dinner and the mean nurse who couldn’t find a vein right after it happens!  And of course either Steve or I will update after Tessa’s arrival as soon as we have a few minutes.

My mom arrives late tomorrow night.  She’ll be here to hang out with Miss Sabrina while the action happens.  And I still don’t have a hospital bag packed.  Now I’m off to spend my last full day alone with my little monkey.

Officially ready

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Yesterday, thanks to Ashley’s reminder, I waddled off to a consignment sale.  I found an infant seat (just afraid the Britax Marathon will be too big for her for the first couple of months) and a few other items so now my list of must-haves is officially complete. I even made it through a trip to the grocery store after consignment shopping and cooked dinner. I felt quite accomplished.  I had wicked contractions all night reminding me why I’ve been such a home body but I only whined a little.

This afternoon Sabrina and I are off to see my doctor. That is 2 days in a row we are out and about – exciting stuff.

Now I just need to pack a hospital bag…

A cuteness fix

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I’ve been reminded that I am neglecting your needs for some Sabrina cuteness so here goes!

A little peek-a-boo cuteness:

Still working on our spoon skills. She insists on turning it upside down as she brings it to her mouth.

She turns everything into an ice cream cone these days.  Can’t imagine where she would learn about ice cream with me as a mom.

She is a complete daddy’s girl. When Steve is home, it is “Mommy who?”:

She brings her “laptop” and chair over next to mommy’s and plays while I finish my blog reading or writing (if she happens to eat faster than I read which is rare).

Modeling 1 of the 2 pairs of shoes that currently fit mommy’s swollen feet:

Many of you have asked what she thinks about Tessa’s upcoming arrival.  To be honest, she has no idea what is happening.  She will pat my stomach and say “baby” if we talk about Tessa or her baby sister so she makes that connection.  But she really doesn’t understand what it all means.

Cute story though – Sabrina was lying with her head on my stomach on the couch one afternoon.  Tessa kicked really hard right where Sabrina’s head was.  It startled Sabrina and made her start crying.  And so the sisterly shenanigans start in utero…

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