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The obligatory New Year Review Post

December 31st, 2006

Sorry Carla, I know how you despair over all of the retrospectives but I figured I would jump on the band wagon.  As many other bloggers have done, I’ve gone back and collected the title and first sentence of each post for each month of 2006.  I began the blog in April so you all only have to suffer through 9 months.

April: First Post. How exciting! We made the decision to adopt from Guatemala about a month ago.

May: Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting for International Adoption. I’m not there yet…but I will be soon enough.

June: A phrase I never thought I would utter…I Love the FBI!!!  Our ink fingerprint clearances came in the mail today!

July: Home again.  I’ve returned from the beach – kicking and screaming all the way.

August: Life is what happens when you are making other plans. Through a couple of venues, I try to hear a little bit about how re-building is going after Katrina.

September: Benefits are apparently fashionable. Check out this article in the NY Times. It discusses the disparity in adoption benefits offered by various companies.

October: Nothing better than an old friend. My best friend, Deanna, came to visit this weekend.

November: Being a girl sucks sometimes. An on-line group of adopting friends were sharing photos of babies and themselves yesterday.

December: Things a dad should know.  Okay, I shamelessly stole this.

Putting this together I was surprised that 1) there were no whiney posts because I seem to whine a lot and 2) None of the posts were about Sabrina.

Happy New Year to my friends out in blog world!  I hope some of you are going out and kicking your heels up.  Us?  We will be on the couch with a glass of wine and most likely in bed by 12:30am.  If you are a resolution maker – good luck with those!  I don’t make resoutions because I normally forget them before the dawn of 1/1.

Despite my resistance to resolutions, I do have hopes for 2007.  I hope that Sabrina is home for 3/4 of 2007.  I hope that I am a good mommy. I hope that I can get my SAHM-ass up and exercise with some regularity (because my working self certainly doesn’t cooperate).   I hope that we are okay financially.  And I hope that I continue to be a good wife while trying to be a good mommy.

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