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Memo to TDOS

October 30th, 2007

Memo to TDOS (aka DMV):

First, I would like to thank you for your convenient hours.  I’ve never lived in a state that didn’t at least try to provide some evening or Saturday hours – but your being open only during the hours my husband is at work provided my 1 yr old the opportunity to visit your fine establishment.  You don’t even pretend to make it convenient by being open for 3 hours on Saturday morning.

Also, I love the fact that I can’t get my plates and drivers license in the same place.  This forces me to explore 2 completely different locations on 2 different days.  Way to encourage us to explore our new city!  The incorrect address on the website also allowed us to explore a couple of new neighborhoods this morning.  Thanks.

I was quite impressed with the “take a number” system you have in place.  In most agencies, you take a number from an impersonal wheel and have a seat.  But not at the TDOS!  Oh no!  You want us to have the personal touch so we have to stand in line for 5-10 minutes, holding a wriggling 20 pound child, waiting for a person to take time away from waiting on customers to provide us with a number personally.  Good thinking!  And the scrolling sign informing us that there were 32 people waiting ahead of us kept me from going to the trouble of counting all of the people in the waiting room – it looked like 50 people so knowing there were a mere 32 people ahead of us kept our spirits from sagging.

While I truly enjoyed the 2 hours I spent trying to keep my child entertained on my lap, I’m sure you’ll understand if I do everything in my power to avoid visiting your fine office again until my 40th birthday when my new license expires.  Thanks for your efficiency and great customer service!

Sarcastically yours,

Michelle – newly licensed driver in TN so no more airport strip searches will be required

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9 Responses to “Memo to TDOS”

  1. karen Says:

    We have the same system here in Montana. I do have the plates on my car because, well, you get caught easier if your plates are expired AND in the wrong county. My DL, though, will stay as is until it’s expired. Yes, I know that’s against the law. I can’t help it. I don’t have time.

    Regarding the post below, I really would like to come back to that. It does require some thought, though, so if I don’t make it back, know I had good intentions to go along with this run on sentence.

    In short, I have corrected children that weren’t being PC because I would want that for my own child.

  2. carla Says:

    you poor thing.

    I cant imagine the babywrangling…it makes me sweat just to ponder.

  3. Ashley Says:

    It just plain SUCKS does it not??? The last time I went I arrived at 6:30 in the moring to stand in line… and I was still #3 and then the camera broke… WHY OH WHY do you only have 2 people working in a place that services hundreds a day… and then one leaves to do a drivers test!

  4. Bobbi Says:

    Our DMV isn’t much better—but they just went online!!YUP, if I have my way I will NEVER enter that office again. DAMN, I love technology.

    After that wonderful mother-daughter experience I hope you stopped at a store and got yourself some wine!!

    I still have yet to read the article you posted below…that is my next mission.

    Thanks for the chuckle

  5. Kim Says:

    It’s the same way here…..license and plates in two different places….no weekend or evening hours. I hate that place.

  6. Shelly Says:

    I live in Nashville too…here’s a piece of advice…write down your driver’s license number. If you misplace (lost it) your license like I recently did then you have to go to the DMV and wait another 2 hours (I just did with a 15 month old). You can order a new license online or you can use the self-service station at the DMV, but they require you to have your license number. Duh…I lost my license, so I don’t have my license number. So frustrating!

    I felt your pain as I read your post.


  7. Andrea Says:

    Oh gosh, that reminds me. My plates expire tomorrow. Dang.

    Guess I’ll get to experience that joy of my own tomorrow. Sans baby, though. You poor thing. Two hours? I’d rather have a root canal, thank you :)

    YEA MEMO!! You know I’ve missed those.

  8. Holly G. Says:

    I’m doing everything in my power to stay out of my DMV, too. We get the personally handed number thing too but instead of two hours the wait is much, much longer. Why are there so many damn Jersey drivers???

    I’m glad your next flight will be strip search free.

  9. Farrah Says:

    I must say our new DMV is much in order. We didn’t even wait, Walked in and was out in 10 minutes.

    Don’t hold your breath on that last one…I have lived in Florida my whole life and I still get stripped searched at the airport. Maybe they just want to touch my BIG sexy body…LMAO

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