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Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2007

Miss Sabrina is sporting her Penn State cheerleader outfit for Halloween.  (No worries…the pom poms are props for pictures only.  Not a safe for 1 yr old toy.)  I haven’t figured out when trick or treat is here.  In Ohio and PA, the nights were set by the communities.  Here I am getting the feeling that it is always on Halloween night and that is why I can’t find it posted anywhere.  Our local mall is having a little trick or treat thing so we thought we would take her there for a little bit tonight.  I’m not above using my kid for free chocolate.



Think we better save the cartwheel for next year.


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12 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Kerri Says:

    How cute!
    Kerri and Ruby

  2. Crystal Says:

    I am totally using my kid for the candy. They’d better get the good stuff too.

    p.s. She is adorable as always.

  3. Bobbi Says:

    We’ve all used our kids for candy! Why do you think I have three??????

    Looks like she is getting ready to stand up in the last picture. Is she walking????? Did I miss a post??

    Have fun–don’t eat too much candy!

  4. Trace Says:

    WooHoo!! The PSU costume!!!

  5. Ginger Says:

    She is way too cute!!!

  6. carla Says:


  7. Farrah Says:

    Michelle her looks are totally changing…She no longer looks like a little baby. OMG our girls are growing up.

    She is a cute cheerleader.

  8. Ashley Says:

    Tooo Tooo cute~ Lovin that cheerleader.

    Yeah…the only time I can EVER remember Halloween being set was when it fell on a Sunday night… it was moved to Saturday… but then it was such an uproar and people ended up doing it both nights that I do not think it was ever tried again.

  9. mama k Says:

    tooo cute.

    That second pic is just the best.

  10. Samantha Says:

    I have never heard of setting a night for trick or treat…how odd!
    Love the pom poms. And I’d say they are safe enough as long as you’re in the room. I may go out and get some for Julian…

  11. starfish Says:

    She’s got a cheerleader smile that’s for sure. Cartwheel pic is too cute! GO SABRINA!

  12. nancy Says:

    love the outfit!!

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