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March 31st, 2008

Two things that I read on line this weekend have been taking up some of my thoughts off line. (Getting all political on a Monday morning…might want to sit down.)

The first is the shitstorm Johnson & Johnson created when they tried to do something nice for some mommy bloggers. Unfortunately, they didn’t execute the idea so well. Who invites mommy bloggers for 3 weekdays of pampering with no kids allowed? Not a lot of moms can get away from their kids and/or jobs for 3 weekdays. And due to some misunderstandings they dis-invited a few bloggers. But a very nice thought on their part…perhaps next time they will ask some mommy bloggers to help with the planning so they can avoid a nice thing turning into bad PR. For some reason, this little train wreck fascinated me a little.

The second was a situation on a message board I sometimes visit. It tends to be a support, warm and fuzzy place. As is true in the real world, I find that my beliefs don’t always align with others on the board but differences make the world more interesting. There was a thread that started with a discussion of a psychological study recently published. Certainly no one was casting any opinions about the validity of the study – just discussing general thoughts about the findings. One person expressed her disdain for psychology and psychologists, stated that only Christians should attempt to counsel people, and cited both Rush and Dr. Laura. She also used descriptives such as liberal (check), divorced (check), studied psychology (check), and lesbian (okay so no check here – not that there is anything wrong with that) as negatives. Anyone who knows me in real life, probably could guess that invoking the name of Rush or Dr. Laura (you all know she isn’t a doctor of anything right? Her degree is in physiology and isn’t a PhD) is like waving a red cape at a bull – using both could induce an aneurysm. I didn’t start a debate with the person for a variety of reasons: I like and respect the woman who runs the board, I’m not likely to change anyone’s mind, and she didn’t seem open to the opinions of others.

The point of all of that is this: I wonder sometimes if I am in the minority. I believe strongly in many things. I am not likely to change my views on those things. But I can usually see where the other side is coming from even if I disagree with them. I find that so many people dismiss those who disagree with them as ignorant. After hearing why people believe things I sometimes think that – but it is their reasoning, not their belief that leads me to that conclusion. Others feel that people who disagree on fundamental issues must be inherently bad or morally corrupt – they just can’t fathom that viewing the world from a different perspective doesn’t make someone bad or immoral. Differences keep the world interesting.

I am 100% pro-choice – despite the joy adoption has brought to my life. Always have been, always will be. I understand the argument of the other side – I can totally see where they are coming from. I just don’t agree with the premise that the government can or should legislate personal issues like that one. I don’t think people who disagree are ignorant (well except maybe W…but for very different reasons).

I am 100% anti-death penalty. Do I lose sleep when someone like Ted Bundy is executed? Not really. But I believe it is wrong for several basic reasons. 1) Practically speaking, it costs more to try a death penalty case and execute a prisoner than to keep him alive in prison for the rest of his life. 2) State mandated murder sends the wrong message. 3) It doesn’t deter violent crime. An eye for an eye doesn’t work. Countries and states which has abolished the death penalty have not seen a rise in violent crime. 4) No take-backsies. If someone screws up, you can’t undo it. BUT I can see where the other side is coming from emotionally. I just disagree. I don’t think people who believe in the death penalty are evil (well except maybe W…but for very different reasons).

I believe gay marriage should be legal. I have 2 issues with the argument against making it legal. The first is the religious side. The God/Higher Power I believe in celebrates love and joy – in all of its forms. The second is legal. We have a mandated separation of church and state in this country. I don’t argue that religion should sanction gay marriage so much as I argue that there is no legal reason that marriage must be defined as between a man and a woman. This is religion influencing where it shouldn’t. This is the government trying to legislate what it views as morality – which is not the job of the government. I understand why people want to do this but have a harder time sympathizing here. (And W is still an evil moron…and this is one of the reasons – a constitutional amendment?!?)

Anyway, the point of this rambling post was to talk about tolerance. I know the majority of my readers will disagree with each and every one of my opinions on those political issues. I’ve heard your slightly right leanings out there – but I love you anyway. We’ve all gotten along for this long…can’t we celebrate differences and enjoy the expanding of our horizons? Doesn’t it make life more interesting?

Are you able to see the other side of hot button issues or do you feel blinded by your complete belief in something that you have trouble appreciating the other side of things?

As always, respectful debate is welcome.

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51 Responses to “Tolerance”

  1. Zoot Says:

    My husband sometimes says my ability to put myself in other’s shoes (like you mention here) is a fault because it annoys him (grin). I know what you mean — I typically understand why people are different. Many of my real world (hell, and blog world) best friends are religious, which I’m not at all. Several are even politically conservative. But I still feel like they enrich my life.

    In that movie Chasing Amy years ago – - the lead character explained becoming a lesbian as seeing that she felt like she was missing out on finding her soulmate by eliminating half of the population. I feel kinda similar just about life in general. If I assume I can’t learn or relate to someone b/c of our differences, then I fear missing out on life lessons in the areas our lives overlap.

    Dude. It’s early and I’m still recovering from sickness, this is probably not making any sense. My point? If you’re in the minority? I’m right there with you.

    The end.

  2. Piseco Says:

    I agree with you that many people seem to close their minds and not cultivate tolerance, especially online. I don’t have a problem when someone is calmly and clearly stating their own point of view – and like you, I often find that quite interesting. I’m a left-leaner like you, and last night at dinner I found myself with three women friends who in general lean to the left but had decided to raise their children as Catholic, even though they perceived problems with the church. But they weren’t declaring that their religion was right for everyone, or pushing it on me & our fifth friend, or making any intolerant statements about non-Catholics. We were able to just have a good discussion about it.

    I think often various online opportunities for discussion – blogs, forums, etc. – lean towards intolerance because it is easier to be civil and polite and tolerant towards *friends* who you are sitting around a table with, and easier to be judgmental, overbearing and intolerant towards a whole bunch of strangers whose expressions and body language you can’t read.

  3. juju Says:

    I am packing and moving and you pull this shit-all early like in the morning- like before my third cup of coffee—–

    two words
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that you are confident in how you feel and what you believe in –
    you are passionate about YOUR belief systems-

    You know me good enough by now to know I am not going to agree with all of that – BUT

    I love you and your family-JUST the way you are and always will:)

    I think the problem with lots of “RELIGEOUS” folks is that they are too busy pointing out everything they see wrong with the world and the people in it.

    THAT is not what my family is about –
    we are not religeous AT~ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we are Christians – we are followers of the heart of JESUS
    He was and is the greatest gift to this earth:)

    Now – that being said – if we are what we say we are – and we love what we say we love-
    then how can we HATE-anyone????????????????????????

    so – that is my not enough coffee yet answer to your post –
    hope it makes sense =
    I am not asking anyone to agree with me –
    I could care less-

    I just wish more people could see that hate and lack of tolerance brings so much hurt into this world.

    I am against all hatred – that is my stance –

    let go of the hate

    embrace the love

    love, love, love

    that is what I believe in:)

    how can that be wrong?

  4. Anne Says:

    Don’t even get me started on “Dr.” Laura…thanks for getting me revved up on a Monday morning, I needed that!

  5. Liz Says:

    I guess I should join your minority. I feel as though I could have written that post.

    I get questioned all the time about how can I be pro-choice and have adopted and gone through infertility treatments. Just because I want children, doesn’t mean that everyone does.

    As far as gay marriage, what’s the point of saying no? Again, totally right, religion influencing politics.

    I have always felt that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If you want to listen to mine great, but if not oh well. However same goes for me! If I want to listen, great, if not, too bad.

    I don’t think though that I would have been able to keep my big mouth shut and let that person ramble however.

  6. Terry Says:

    As a Christian that is both conservative and liberal (depending on the issue….weird, I know), I am SO SICK of the lack of tolerance coming from ALL SIDES, especially from other Christians. I’ll walk out of a church that claims being gay will send you straight to hell and won’t even step foot in one that has rows of little white crosses on the front lawn representing aborted babies. Now that comes from someone that is pro-life all the way, but think we have no right to make those that have had abortions feel badly about themselves (yeah…that’s the way to get someone to church…just accuse them of murder and then ask them to come inside…insert rolling eyes). And I’ve had plenty of other Christians tell me how horrible it is that I support gay rights, but really…should someone that is gay NOT have rights? Whatever!

    Yes, I do believe Jesus walked the Earth and yes I do believe that we will all be judged….the judging just shouldn’t be left to us. I don’t think Jesus’ tolerance has changed since the last time he set foot on the planet. People really should abide by the old saying “practice what you preach”, which is love and tolerance.


  7. Type (little) a Says:

    OK, we’re bizarro twins again. Or actually, twin twins, because I agree with EVERYTHING you just said. I actually got flamed for this recently in someone’s comments. Someone asked me how I could call myself a Christian and believe these things. And in seeing their side of it, I didn’t even get mad. Also, if it were my own comments section and not someone else’s I would have made a stink. But I played nice, for a change. :-)

  8. Karen Says:

    whew..you lost me at the 2nd line of this long blog. Did you have some sugar or something to fire you up?

  9. Cheri Says:

    Michelle, it was easy for me to love your post because I agree with each and every one of your beliefs expressed — especially the belief that we must be tolerant and respectful of other belief systems (excluding extremist beliefs that condone human trafficing, modern day slavery, genocide, etc.) Thank you for having the courage to post this.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    i knew i liked you : )

  11. Amy Says:

    Miss Mikki,

    I could now post what would go down in history as the world’s longest comment (Miss Mikki, you are in for a doosey of a personal email) but I won’t because you are very intimate with where I stand on most of these issues (just for the record I agree). I will say this. Would you please just go to law school already?!?!?!

    Love ya girl,
    Miss Amy

  12. Julie P Says:

    Way to go! WOO WOO sis boom bah and all that – coming from my little liberal section of the world! GOOOOOO Michelle. Thanks for the post – it always makes me feel better to know others out there share my frustrations. It takes all kinds of people and it is always good to recognize that there is another side to every story or opinion, but it always makes me feel better to know that other people agree with my beliefs. It gives me hope for the world that our children will grow up in.

  13. Alleen Says:

    I’d have a lot less friends(both real and bloggy) if I only surrounded myself with people who held all the same opinions as I do.

  14. Charlotte Says:

    Marriage is a basic civil right that should be attainable by all Americans if they choose. For the truth about gay marriage check out our trailer. Produced to educate & defuse the controversy it has a way of opening closed minds & provides some sanity on the issue: http://www.OUTTAKEonline.com

  15. Muriel Says:

    I love your honesty. Although I disagree with almost all of your opinions, I respect where you are coming from. I used to say that abortion was something I would never do but if other people did that was their decision. Since Sophia came into my world and now this new baby, there is no way I can feel the same way. I am definately not pro-choice. I just can’t ignore the fact that if Sophie’s first mom had made that decision, the most precious thing in my world would not be here. Having said that, I try very hard not to be judgmental of others who feel differently but sometimes it is hard.
    I do agree with you to a degree about gay marriage. I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman BUT I think it is each church’s decision on how they want to define marriage NOT the government.
    As far as the Johnson and Johnson thing….I have to side with them. I would never assume that my child would be invited to a pampering weekend. I also would not be so bold as to just bring my child along to a time that was clearly described as a “getaway”. Now the other one that was dis-invited for not staying the whole time…that one I agree with.

    Anyway, now you know more about me…good or bad. Do you have an invite to my private blog? Send me your e-mail address.

  16. Sagan Says:

    I completely agree with you; the world would be a much better place if everyone was a little more tolerant! In everything I do I always try and see things from the other persons point of view. I find that it makes for a much more understanding and enjoyable relationship. Actually, the only issue is when it comes to arguments… it can be tricky to argue out your point with another person if they’re refusing to look at it from your perspective but you can sort of see where they’re coming from!

    Great post. The best part about differences in opinion is how much more there always is to learn.

  17. Jenny Says:

    I enjoyed this post Michelle!

    I’d always thought I was pro-choice until I ended up with an unplanned pregnancy. Once pregnant, I couldn’t even stand the thought of an abortion. I then changed my attitude to “I couldn’t do it but it’s okay if other people do.”

    Then, as I placed my baby for adoption at birth and seeing the sheer joy it brought her parents, I completely changed my mind on abortion forever. It’s plain selfishness to not carry a child until birth when there are so many people out there who can’t have children. As birthmother’s were able to give the gift of life. There isn’t anything better than that!

    With all that being said, I am not judgemental of others who choose differently… but I don’t agree with it.


  18. Steph Says:

    I think it’s cool that we can agree to disagree. But I do not agree to disagree with you on your last paragraph:

    “Are you able to see the other side of hot button issues or do you feel blinded by your complete belief in something that you have trouble appreciating the other side of things?”

    I don’t diss other people who believe differently than I do, but I don’t want to “have my eyes opened” by them either – b/c I don’t think they are shut. I just know where I stand by now. I’m educated, I’m not 21 and I just believe what I believe. That doesn’t “blind” me because I know where I stand and disagree with you (the royal “you” – not you, you)IMO.

    There will always be differences – I don’t diss anyone’s belief system that is different than mine – I’m just beyond discussing it or trying to be “enlightened”. Maybe that’s “appreciation” in some weird way b/c I’m not an activist – I just live my life quietly but believe what I believe.

    But I often see people to my left who want those on the right to try and appreciate or keep an open mind to the other’s belief system. When a person to the right asks the same courtesy, it’s considered laughable b/c their beliefs are so “crazy”. JMHO. (BTW I think Rush and Laura are crazazies myself ;-) )

  19. melany Says:

    Good post, Michelle. It’s interesting to read the comments and get viewpoints of others who do or don’t agree with some of the things you posted about – in a well thoughout manner. I do think the internet forums give people an opportunity (unfortunately) to sometimes post extremist opinions and judgements on things in ways that these people would not have the balls to do in real life (thankfully, I guess). Like you said, differences make the world interesting – and if we could all appreciate that and accept the differing opinions without attacking – wouldn’t everything be so much nicer??

    I also liked your post because it gave me a chance to (again) analyze one of my opinions… I am in the same place as you on all the issues – except, I have always struggled with the death-penalty and my feelings on it. For all the reasons you stated, I feel I should be against it. I know that all my other political stances would have me disagreeing with it. However, when it comes down to it and I imagine myself on a jury for someone who has committed some heinous crime – I know I would vote to fry them. LOL.

  20. Donna Says:

    Hi–Loved your post and agree tremendously! I have to say that it was a nice change in blog-land to discuss things that are not typically opened up. I know I have sensored in the past due to judgements from others.

  21. Trace Says:

    Usually I can see both sides, but there are topics I feel very strongly about (for example stem cell research) where nothing will change my mind, however everyone has to right to believe what they want (that is what the US is supposed to be about, right?).

  22. carla Says:


    so late to the party here so I wont bore you with repeating stuff (short version while I think of myself like you and yer bizarrrrro twin I might veer to melany with regards to the death penalty if on a jury…the jury is still out. HA HA :)).

    really good post.


  23. Rachel Says:

    I loved the post. As for the issues, I have a hard time discussing a lot of my opinions with family on my hubby’s side who feel if you disagree with them, your a “bad christian”. As far as abortion goes, I was always pro-choice before having kids. Now, I understand that the government shouldn’t make the choice for women, but at the same time, I don’t want it to be used just as a form of birth control. Its a difficult issue for me to really get a hold of.

    As for gay rights, I’m all for them! I truly believe love is love, and gay’s should have just as many rights!

    I saw someone post above about friends deciding to raise their kids catholic. This has been a huge issue for me. I was raised catholic and didn’t really feel that religious. Now, having kids, I would like for them to have some direction, but what is right? I did check out other religions and none fit me well. Either they were to literal or just wrong somehow. I guess having grown up catholic, I didn’t really get the concept, as long as you believe in Jesus, you go to heaven. As I was raised, you had to live your life well too. That makes sense to me, but I struggle with, if I take my kids to catholic church, I don’t agree with a lot of the “church made” rules.

    Michelle, I think you should start a forum for us all to discuss these issues, I think we’d all have a great chat!!!

  24. Kerri Says:

    Thanks for your post. I sometimes feel lost in this adoption world, much as I love many of the people here. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who thinks this way. It’ good to see I’m not alone.
    Kerri and Ruby

  25. TNKerry Says:

    Well – I used to consider myself a Rebulican, now I just think of myself as conservative. I can’t stand Rush or Dr. Laura, but I honestly can’t stand talk shows at all. They are, as a group, intolerant, belligerent, and annoying.
    I am Catholic and my political views are more in line with being Catholic than anything else.
    Pro Life – absolutely. Talk about no take-backsies…and that life is innocent. Period.
    Death Penalty – a much grayer area for me. There is no take-back there and that is difficult, but I have to agree with Melany – put me on a jury for some of the heinous things people do and it would be hard not to want to fry. My Catholic self says “no” to the death penalty…. Which leads to my opinion on jail reform – run it like the military and I doubt there would be so many repeat offenders. I could go on and on.
    The friends I choose tend to be more liberal. The people I am around most tend to be more conservative. My DH thinks I do it purposefully. He also thinks (and this is before we adopted from Guat) that I purposefully seek out Latin Americans to befriend.
    I can almost always see two sides to every issue and can usually argue on behalf of both – sometimes to the point that I don’t know which way to lean. I don’t think this is bad. My opinions have become more permeable as I have grown, especially after becoming a mom.
    So if you want to jump to my next soap box, LOL – I don’t think it is good to have only two political parties. I can not be defined by either and being Independent just doesn’t cut it. There are more important issues than the ones that immediately divide us (usually abortion and gay rights) and I think we need a party that looks past divisive tactics and really delves into the problem we need to face – education (seriously – not just as political fodder), foreign policy, health care, crime.
    In blog world I have always backed away from the political/religious arena – but this one seemed tame enough to join :)
    Tolerance and acceptance are truly the key….
    if only Kindergarten teachers could rule the world………..

  26. Deanna Says:

    Amen, baby! We have always been able to see our way thru opposite opinions (refuse to mention for how many ack, uck years) without labeling each other “EVIL”, it amazes me everyday how small people’s minds are. I am not to be enslaved by political correctness or hurtful ignorance. If we all just abide by the Golden Rule or common sense whichever you prefer, treat others as you wish to be treated (ad libbed) then those “Christians” and the govenment yahoos who are soooo judgemental and sure of their righteousness would be quickly without firepower. As stated in other comments, true Christians are not following that battleaxe’s partyline.

  27. Tera Says:

    I don’t agree with the beliefs that you listed. :) But you probably already knew that. ;) (although, I do have mixed feelings on the death penalty because mistakes have been made and innocent people have been put to death)

    I visit your blog because we have been joined in friendship by a common experience…I don’t have to share all of your beliefs and you don’t have to share all of my beliefs in order to appreciate that. :)

    God bless.

  28. Melissa Says:

    Great post. Intolerance drives me crazy.

  29. margalit Says:

    Michelle, I agree with everything you said. The difference between us? I think we’re in the majority. The minority is loud, very loud, and uncaring about those that don’t agree with them, but studies have clearly shown that they’re only 28% of the population. The intolerance that the Christian right shows towards gays, women, and single parents. Oh, let’s not forget that they don’t even acknowledge that other religions and ethnicities exist in the US. God Forbid you’re a Jew in the US. They want to convert you but otherwise, they don’t give a damn about your beliefs at all.

    Massachusetts, where I live, is about as liberal as you can get. We don’t have a lot of fundies, thank God, but we do have legal gay marriage and strong liberal laws.

  30. Maureen Says:

    Just an occasional lurker here, but I have to add that I agree with everything that you said. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my views. I also respect the view of the right, but I tend to disagree with just about everything they do/think/say. I have avoided many discussion boards these days as many tend to move towards politics and somehow religion always tends to be thrown in there. Honestly, I’m so tired of hearing “I’m a Christian, therefore” and blah, blah, blah about their right wing views. Well, I also consider myself a Christian and have completely the opposite views. However, these people would call me a total heathen for my “alternative” views. I can respect a different viewpoint than my own, but will never understand the justification of politics and religion being mixed together. I have actually begun to avoid anything church related as I can’t stand being around these types of people.

  31. Dawn from old AB Says:

    Wow, great post! Although I do have friends who hold different opinions than myself it’s a treat when I hear someone echoing my political feelings almost entirely.

    I can only honestly say I disagree with you about the death penalty, and only because I feel that anyone identified as a “serial killer” should just be offed, quite honestly. They’re psychopaths, they’ll never change, (which you know from studying psychology) and they’re just a danger to society. This probably hasn’t been done because it would open the door to just using the death penalty for other felons.

    I second what Kerri said a few posts up as well.

  32. Baby Johns Crib Says:

    Great post! I think we’re on par with about 90% of what you wrote, but even if we were 100% opposed, I like your insight, and love to see pics of a mom that looks like me with a child that looks like my son. That alone keeps me reading. Tolerance is key – I’d rather have a wide group of diverse friends who challenge my beliefs than a small inner sactum of people just like me – how else would I grow, and share those beliefs and experiences with my son???

  33. Kim Says:

    As I’m sure you know, I’m a Christian and a Conservative. I actually get quite tired of being painted as the “religious right.” There is such a negative feel to that! I don’t agree with your beliefs – but as others said – that’s ok! This world would be very boring if we all thought the same!!

    As many of you also know, my husband works in politics. Because of this, I see things from “the other side.” And, it’s not pretty – and it doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat or whatever.

    We don’t have to all agree – but as a Christian – I’m taught to love my neighbor as myself – no matter what my neighbor believes. :)

  34. Gwen Says:

    I agree with you 100%! As a lesbian myself I find it very sad that their are certain people who actually hate me because I am a lesbian. I find it sad that our daughter will not be protected because we cannot get married and in our state cannot do a 2nd parent adoption. Some day she will be teased or harassed for having 2 moms who love her more than life itself and it is all because we are gay. Religion should be about love and not hate.

  35. Operation Pink Herring Says:

    I found this entry thanks to Zoot marking it as a shared item — and THANK YOU for being the voice of reason! And I’m not just saying that because I agree with you on all the issues you used as examples. Everyone can learn from each other… well, everyone except GWB.

  36. karen Says:

    Whether a person shares my views or not, I am always willing to listen.

    I always hope my son will be raised in a much more tolerant society than I was – but I fear making certain things like abortion or gay marriage legal won’t make people any more accepting of either.

    It’s really too bad.

  37. Samantha Says:

    Holy shit, you go girl! It is very interesting to me how many people who posted are actually largely in alignment with your values (count me in, but i know that is no surprise.) Cool to see too, a number of folks who I ‘know’ from blogland and to check out their responses to this.

    Is it too late to take one of the J&J spots?

  38. Martha Says:

    Great post girl, I agree wholeheartedly. Does anyone remember when Christian people would identify themselves as ‘Christians’, instead of I am ‘A Christian’? That just bugs me for some reason, and don’t get me started on W.

  39. Shannon Says:

    Very thought provoking. Tolerence is key. I’ve found that many people who want to share their opinions with me very seldom want to hear my opinions on anything!! LOL sad but true. Believe what you want to believe, just have a real reason for it. I think God gave us brains so we could USE them. They aren’t just for decoration! If more “christians” got that, I think we’d all be happier. Just MHO.

  40. cindi Says:

    hear hear on everything.

    it would just be so boring if everyone thought, acted and believed the same way. actually, i’ve been home, in tunnel mode, not traveling, for so long since “D” came home, i actually forgot that anyone believed opposite of the views you have stated. (my little neck of the woods couldn’t be more liberal).

    thanks for reminding us all, especially during this election year, how important tolerance is.

  41. rachael Says:

    I meant to comment on this yesterday and forgot/got busy. Thanks for the reminder.

    Whew. You’re really just laying it all out there on the table aren’t you!

    The funny thing is that I’m a registered Republican, but I actually agree with pretty much everything you said. Interesting. Maybe I’m a little bit Democrat under the surface (I just don’t like the government taking and micromanaging all my vast (ha) wealth in the form of taxes!) I’m REALLY in a bind this election season. What to do, what to do.

    Love the debate, and the thoughtful open minded way you presented your Very Convincing Case. :)

  42. mama k Says:

    Hmm… well I tend to lean more towards the moderate right myself. I didn’t read all the comments as I tend to avoid political discussions for the reasons you noted… I’m not going to change anyone’s mind and just debating stuff doesn’t change anything IMO.

    I just find it ironic that those who are pro-choice are usually those that do not support the death penalty… and vice versa as well. I personally believe in the sanctity of human life in all forms, and like you said, there are no take backs. So I guess that makes me pro-life or even anti abortion. I do think it’s the government’s place to protect those who cannot speak for themselves. (And I’m sure that’s where we differ. I see your point too, but I simply view the issue from a different angle. I am looking at the child’s rights vs the mother’s rights. Do you know how they preform partial birth abortions? barbaric.)
    But again, no point arguing it since I know the laws are never going to be reversed. I would just like that there would be no government funding of abortion and that they would limit it to the first trimester.
    I also feel that if women were really educated on the emotional and physical impact abortion would have on them they might choose a different path. It is not informed consent to say to a young girl facing a difficult situation “Just have this little procedure and you can go back to your life.” My friend who had an abortion 10+ years ago still is dealing with the emotional pain of that event.

    So I agree w/ you on the death penalty. I don’t think we (the goverment) should have the power to take someone’s life. We should take those ppl out of circulation so that they can’t hurt anyone else of course, but that doesn’t mean that they have to die.

    Oh and I am also one who tries to be postive in general and compassionate to other’s point of view. So again, probably a reason I avoid heated debate since it usually ends up being a pretty negative exchange all around.

  43. mama k Says:

    ok after writing my super long response I went back and read the comments. You have such nice readers. Nice to see everyone playing nice!
    Oh and you know Rush’s job is to piss people off right? LOL I mean does anyone take him seriously?

  44. Kelly Says:

    You know, I never thought of the gay marriage thing exactly the way you put it. Got my gerbal wheel going!!!!

  45. Ellie Says:

    Amen Girlfriend!

    Wow… I can actually see that there are people that actually think on something like I do!

    Only 1 I don’t really agree with is Death Sentence… But hey… WE ALL have our own reasons… I never did like the death sentence until it hit close to home… And everyone said to forgive… NOPE… I waited for that witch hunt! This doesn’t make me a bad person… Just a hurt person…

    But other than that… LovEd YOUr Post!~

  46. Sig Says:

    Guess Jewish doesn’t make me the only minority, I join your extreme liberal mind. But I don’t just join it, I am partly one of the founders..when I was 16, I found myself pregnant after a date rape. I aborted. I am glad I did. Not that I don’t feel bad, that is NOT what I am saying, but it would have been a devastating thing for a religious Jewish girl. How exactly would have the government/religious right helped me then? I am not pro abortion, but pro choice, because you have no idea what you will do unless you are IN that spot.
    Death sentence…mmmmm, hmmmm, I can’t go into detail, but my 19 yr old had had something very bad done to her many tears ago. The guy is in jail, I wish he were on death row and I could pull the switch myself.
    Lesbian…I have way too many friends and family who are gay, all for it, as long as it does not include myself in the practice.
    I have no tolorance for people that don’t open their heart to anything or anyone. Youi just never know what/who you might end up.
    I do, however, respect everyones views, as long as you don’t preach to me. :p
    Rush….my old car had a bumper sticker on it “I think, therefore I do not listen to Rush”.
    ‘nough said.

  47. Tam Says:

    As usual, Michelle, you rock. You think a lot like I do on many subjects. You surely know where I stand on gay marriage. I also agree re: pro-choice. I’ve been back and forth on the death penalty thing only because I know that if someone murdered someone I love, I’d want them put to death. I can look at it philosophically and agree with your point, but if I was personally affected, my thought process would go out the window and emotions would take over, I believe. I pray I never have to find out.

  48. Andrea Says:

    I know this is two posts behind already, but I had to throw my two cents in, just for a bit.

    Pro-choice is not anti-life. I would love it if more people saw it that way. Just because I support the choice of a woman does not mean I support the death of a child. It’s more that I will never think that the government, usually run by a man who can never get pregnant, should be able to tell me what to do with my body, especially when said pregnancy puts my life in danger. I personally would chose life, BUT that’s the whole point-to get the CHOICE.

    And it scares me that people take that quack Laura SERIOUSLY. Like what she says came straight down from the mouth of God. THAT is something we should all take up arms against. And as for Rush-that freakshow has no room to judge ANYONE.

  49. karla ~ looking towards heaven Says:

    First of all — I was oddly interested in the whole J&J debacle. Thanks for the list. I usually have an easy time nosing around, but was having a hard time get info on it. (In fact, the only way I knew about it was through Fussy).

    Secondly, I think we all feel like the minority at times. When I worked, I felt like that. The only one that held the beliefs that I do… But I also began to realize that, amazingly, there were things that we did agree on and could still be civil.


  50. amy Says:

    Dad-gum girl you got a ton of comments on this! I didn’t read them. I don’t agree with all your positions but I do totally agree that people have different perspectives and we should be tolerant of and glad about that. Except for the really stupid ones of course. (Hee hee) I think you are awesome and this is a great post!!

    We just published a book you might really enjoy. It’s called Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality and Politics by Adam Hamilton. Amazon will have it. And there is an author intervew that is nicely done here: http://www.umportal.org/article.asp?id=3280

    I don’t know how to put live links in comments. Sorry!

  51. amy Says:

    Oh my gosh my live link worked! Howz about that?!

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