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The verdict is in

April 22nd, 2008


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54 Responses to “The verdict is in”

  1. Cass Says:

    Wow! That’s SO fantastic. Yeah to little girls!

  2. Katie Says:


  3. Cindy Says:

    Awwwwwww…….. congratulations!!!!!!! Sabrina is going to be a great big sister!

  4. Angie Says:

    YIPEE!!! Sabrina is going to have a sister! Congratulations to you, Steve, and Sabrina!!!!

  5. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations! I was just wondering if you would post it after your appt. Did you like your new doctor?

  6. Amanda Says:

    Way cool! How was your apt?????

  7. TNKerry Says:

    Awesome – so fun for Sabrina to have a sister!!!

  8. Carrie Says:

    Yeah!! It makes hand-me-downs SO much easier that way! :) I have two little girls so I know… but be prepared for the sister fighting. They can go at it like cats, especially if clothes are involved. (And mine are only 7 and 4!)

    How did you like the new Doc?

  9. Julia Says:

    I am so happy for you guys!
    I have gone my entire life wishing I had a sister –
    I have two brothers that I adore – but I have lived my life thinking I am missing something – by not having a sister!
    so – I am so happy for your girls!

    So – so happy and give us a name – I feel the need to get a personalized gift now:)Have something in mind too:)
    I love to buy for girls:):):):)

    hugs to your crew:)


  10. Rachael Says:

    Well, that was easy! ;)


  11. elle Says:

    Congrats. I want to hear about the new doc too!

  12. soltana Says:

    YAAYYAYAAYYAYA how sweet its gonna be with two little girls:)

  13. melany Says:

    Oh yeah! I hope you do another name post. I like coming up with ideas. :D Congrats! Sabrina will be a wonderful sister.

  14. Debra Says:

    Congrats!!! I wish I had a sister, this coming from someone who has 3 younger brothers. Girls Rule!

  15. seegal Says:

    I am just so very happy for you! Sisters ROCK!

  16. Kim Says:

    Congrats!!! Sabrina will be a great big sister to the little one. I also want to hear about the new doctor!!

  17. Kerry Says:

    Yay! Everybody needs a sister.

  18. AUTUMN Says:

    Michelle: e-mail me your address to aplfmlsrgml@yahoo.com I want to send your girlS something…

    LOL Sophie’s Pit Crew
    The ones who stock the juice, stock the cookies and put her to bed..

  19. Bobbi Says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!! I called it from, what week 3?4? Drama queen!! It’s about time she showed us what she had (or didn’t have)!!. I love that I had two girls. They are great friends. They really protect each other, and know each other so well.

    Not to take away from having Reese, I am totally enjoying the boy thing. BUT, I always wanted a sister, so I love watching my girls grow up together.

    Sooooooooo, what’s her name??


  20. Rachel Says:

    Congrats to you and your family!

  21. Kerri Says:

    Kerri and Ruby

  22. DD Says:

    …and the ultimate in pinkness continues…and cuteness!


  23. Regina (FTC) Says:

    Soooooo excited for you!!!! Two little girls!!!!! Sabrina will have a little sister to share things with.

    I hope that you liked the new Dr too.

  24. Gwen Says:

    Congratulations!!! Now you don’t need to buy a bunch of new clothes and such! Thanks for sharing! What is her name going to be? are you going to tell us or keep it a secret?

  25. Jamie Says:

    Congrats Michelle! I’m so happy for you!

  26. Alleen Says:

    wooohoooo… More dresses to buy!! I have a serious addiction though and it’s probably not a good thing I have a girl.

  27. Tricia Says:

    I am the BIGGEST fan of 2 daughters!!!!!!!! :)

    As you know! Sisterly Shenanigans are in your future!!!

    How is Steve with the news?! And you?!

    Girl, have I got some clothes for you!!

    Congrats! I am THRILLED for you Michelle!

  28. Muriel Elrod Says:

    Awesome. Girls are a lot of fun!

  29. Dottie Says:

    awe… Sabrina is going to have a little sister….
    I can’t wait until the name game begins….

  30. Ashley Says:

    CONGRATS!! :) Do you have any names picked out?

  31. Kristi Says:

    Awe congrats!!!
    Too fun, Sabrina will be such a good big sis! :)

  32. starfish Says:

    Very cool!!

  33. Jenny Says:

    Hooray! Congrats! What fun!!

  34. Type (little) a Says:

    Thank Heaven for little girls!

    Don’t steal my girl name now… :-P

  35. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations Michelle! How exciting that Sabrina will have a little sister!!! I always wanted a sister… I have three little brothers!

  36. Priscilla Says:

    OOOOH!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

  37. Megan Says:

    Oh WOW!!!!! It’s just so exciting…of course it’d be just as exciting if it were a boy!!! Ya win either way but atleast this way you don’t have to buy too many more clothes….just the tiny iny ones.


  38. Cindy Says:

    That is wonderful news! Congrats on adding another daughter to your family!!!

  39. Steph Says:

    Congratulations, Mama! That is awesome!!! Hope your new dr. was uneventful and normal!

  40. Andrea Says:

    Congrats!! I am so excited for you. I think sisters are the best thing in the WORLD! Just keep reminding Sabrina of that when she’s, oh 12 or so. :)

    Congrats again, Michelle. This is very exciting!!

  41. Rhonda Says:

    Awesome. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE my sister and a big part of our decision to do two adoptions. Congratulations!!!!!!

  42. MizFit Says:

    late to the soiree


  43. carla Says:


  44. Julie P Says:

    We are so happy for you! We did a little dance for you all! Congrats to you and Steve and Sabrina. How was the doc?

  45. Emily Says:

    That’s great, Sabrina will such a good big sister! I’m glad you like your new doc too! That will make the next few months somewhat easier for you!

  46. Ansley Says:

    Wonderful news! Congratulations to you all!!

  47. Tessie Says:

    Oh, CONGRATS! SISTERS! How awesome. So excited for you.

  48. mama k Says:


  49. HabeshaChild Says:

    Oh, yay! Sabrina gets a sister!!

  50. Tera Says:


    Oh my goodness…YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! Congratulations!!!! : D

    God bless.

  51. Melissa Says:

    awww, a little sister. congrats. any names in mind?

  52. Kathy Says:

    How exciting!!! Congratulations!!!

  53. erinberry Says:


  54. Jacki Hoover Says:

    2 girls rock!
    Clothes are cuter not to mention cheaper. Although poor Daddy is often left out. But they can seek solace with the plasma.

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