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The (non-crazy) doctor scoop

April 23rd, 2008

A flurry of packing and a very whiny child last night prevented any further details but several of you knew my appointment was yesterday and I didn’t want to keep everyone waiting.

I felt like yesterday was my first OB appointment. It was the first time I sat in a waiting room full of other pregnant women (bellies and boobs as far as the eye could see). And there were receptionists and nurses and blood takers and urine testers and doctors (plural) and cute posters on the ceiling to distract you while in stir-ups. Every person I spoke to questioned a couple of the things that Doc Crazy had done – that made me feel a little vindicated even though I know every doctor does things differently. The new (non-crazy) doc changed a few things. The ultrasound nurse was shocked that Doc Crazy wanted to sew me shut do a cerclage because she said my cervix was beautiful (made me blush…you just never know if anyone will notice those few extra moments you take to make your cervix look pretty).

They did the long ultrasound to check that all the parts are there and where they should be. Baby girl was curled up in a ball (no doubt pouting because she was hungry as usual) and wasn’t being incredibly cooperative but everything seemed to be there in the correct numbers and places.

Nothing much else to report – I liked the new (non-crazy) doctor and the staff. I think it was a good choice to change doctors and a huge thanks to Ashley for the recommendation.

Several of you asked about names…we have it narrowed down to 2. We each have a favorite. We are both pretty set on our favorites. (Oy…we haven’t even gotten into middle names yet and the 2 names don’t really go together so that isn’t a possible compromise.)

Miss Sabrina has a photo shoot today – off to make my girl clean pretty. Much easier than making momma pretty! Momma is thinking she deserves a non-fat, decaf latte this morning. Man, I miss real coffee. And beer. There is a solitary Stella Artois in the fridge mocking me and my inability to drink it.

And to anyone visiting me after I have the baby?  That basket of cookies in the last post is way more yummy and practical than balloons.  I’m just saying.

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17 Responses to “The (non-crazy) doctor scoop”

  1. Trace Says:

    The doctor at the fertility clinic told me it’s alright to have an occasional glass of wine/beer.

  2. Cass Says:

    Hurray for non-crazy docs. The decaf coffee is just not the same….I really appreciate the drug component of the coffee….and wine, oh my I miss a glass of cold white wine. I’m in a dreamy fog.

  3. Dirkey Says:

    Yeah for a normal doc! :)

  4. Megan Says:

    I’m so glad you had a positive experience at the doc office. Having a good “normal” person checking on you is imperative when you’re in such a vulnerable state.

  5. carla Says:

    duly noted about the photo.


  6. carla Says:

    of the cookies I mean.


    Im not usually this scattered.

  7. Ashley J Says:

    YEAAAAA… it is so much pressure to recommend someone that you are comfortable with. I am glad that they were a good fit. AND WHOO HOOO Congrats on BABY SISTER… that will be FUN!

  8. Jenny Says:

    Yeah,… I’m glad good things are coming your way. You sure deserve it.

    Congratualtions to you and Steve on the baby GIRL… and congratulation to Miss Sabrina on having a sister soon.


  9. Burgh Baby Says:

    Congrats on finding a not-so crazy doc! Oh, and on the girl thing, too. ;-)

  10. ani Says:

    congrats on baby sister! sabrina’s so lucky… sisters are the best.

  11. Lori Says:

    Congrats on baby being a girl!! I guess is was 50/50 – but girls rule!! Congrats on the new doc and office – sounds like a much nicer atmosphere!

  12. Laura Says:

    Hey…congratulations on finding out that Sabrina will be joined by a sister and on the new doc. Now, if you could get that move done in the blink of an eye :-) I’m all for reduce, reuse, recycle so having another girl will have the added perks of recycling some of Sabrina’s stuff.

  13. artsweet Says:

    Congrats on making the switch and on your daughter-to-be. I love P’ito to death, but I’m jealous… I want a little girl too!

  14. Martha Says:

    Oh I am so happy for you guys! 2 girls will be so much fun! If we could adopt again I would hope for another girl too. I grew up with a very mean brother and always wished I had a sister.

  15. SlushTurtle Says:

    So glad you had a normal doc experience!

  16. Bobbi Says:

    Glad you like the new Doc, but frankly this one is not as entertaining as the other one!!

    Picking baby names is the worst!! Joe and I went round and round. Usually he told me my names, were dumb, stupid, not happening…….eventually we compromised.

  17. Malia Says:

    Best post baby gift I received was a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies! A good friend came to visit the day my son was born. She brought a very cute balloon and the cookies. I barely remember her visit because I was still recovering from the c-section and the anesthesia. I even fell asleep while she was still there. But she’s a very close friend so it was OK, she wasn’t expecting to be entertained.

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