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What were they thinking?

June 16th, 2008

I’ve read about these things on several blogs as well as in the news.  I’m a little late to the party, as usual these days, but these items have stuck in my head since I originally read them.

First, Fox News used this graphic during a story about Michelle Obama:

Yes, they called her Obama’s Baby Mama – which is a somewhat derogatory slang phrase considering they are married and were married when they had their children. Fox stated that the producer used “poor judgment” in using that phrase. Really? Just poor judgment? The person who created the graphic and the person who approved its use should be fired. Fox is known for its conservative slant but apparently now they’ve just given up any appearance of unbiased journalism.

The next one makes me even angrier. A kindergarten teacher had all of the students in her class say what they didn’t like about another student’s behavior and then vote whether or not he could stay. The students call him “annoying” and “disgusting” and voted him out of the class. A 5 year old had to endure this – can you imagine what this will do to his self esteem? The child is in the process of being evaluated on the autism spectrum and the teacher was fully aware of this – not that a diagnosis should make a difference in this case. The teacher admitted to doing this and said it was because she wanted this 5 year old to know how his behavior effected his peers. Really? You think that is the most effective way? Allowing other 5 year olds to say mean and hurtful things and vote him off the island? The woman shouldn’t be allowed to teach children.

I do remember seeing on Debbie’s blog a link to send a card to the child if you are so inclined.

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17 Responses to “What were they thinking?”

  1. juju Says:

    The world we love in is just plain ugly –
    I sure am glad there are beautiful people stilll left –
    like you :)

  2. karen Says:

    Yes, this will have a lasting effect of this child.

    She needs to re-evaluate her choice of careers. That is just wrong.

  3. kelly Says:

    Both topics are disgusting…sad, this world that we live in…
    I believe the kindergartener has an autism spectrum disorder…this story has been all over the autism lists for weeks.
    And the “baby mama” thing. Well, I just couldnt even believe I was seriously seeing that. How disrespectful and in my opinion extremely racist.

  4. Amy Says:

    Can you even imagine if you were that little boy’s mom. Oh, I would have spewed hot, molten crazy all over the teacher.

  5. Kecia Says:

    I am trembling I’m so pissed.

  6. DD Says:

    Apparently the school has a history of employing that kind of “quality” educators:


  7. Shannon Says:

    Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how far people can take stupid and ignorant. Stupidity shouldn’t be a cover for MEAN. What is wrong with that teacher?!?! I’m just sick over it.

    And really. Fox doesn’t think “baby Mama” is at ALL racist? Give me a break. I never watch Fox. There stuff all leans to one side. Has for years.

  8. Steph Says:

    With a 6 yo son who was diagnosed on the spectrum, I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff I just deleted. It’s a family blog. ;-)

    And I am disgusted with Fox News. I’m an R – but there is no reason for that racist crap. I watch CNN b/c it’s just better and more professional (well aside from Headline News with that awful Nancy Grace. She scares me.) And I’m voting for Obama anyway – but don’t tell my hubby. It would cause marital discord. ;-)

  9. Habesha Child Says:

    Wow. that’s just – wow. Shocking behavior and I feel so so sorry for that poor little kindergartener!!!

    They can call Michelle Obama whatever they want, and I am still going to freaking LOVE HER. She is the best. Totally above all that crap.

  10. Bobbi Says:

    THat just makes me want to be ill. What she just did to this child who cannot understand his actions was awful. If I was the parents I would have her job!!!!! Blood boiling

  11. jenn Says:

    I had read about that poor little guy that was voted out of the classroom and his parents were interviewed on Good Morning America. I cannot believe that a teacher would do this to a student. What is she teaching the other students? Wow….it makes me sick to even think about it.

  12. Vanessa Says:

    Those are both disgusting examples of the side of the world I try to avoid. Unbelievable.

  13. Cass Says:

    I think that the News Authority (whomever that may be) should strip the word News from Fox…they can’t actually think of themselves as NEWS? What’s scary is that there is a whole portion of our population that looks to THAT channel to inform them. So scary.

    And that poor child – that teacher should be voted off the island.

  14. melany Says:

    Horrible. All of it. It is amazing, isn’t it?

    My brother had a teacher ask him once if he was “retarded or something” because he couldn’t zip his jacket. Well, it just so happened that our brother (who was severly mentally disabled) had passed away the year before. SO – my little brother spent weeks worrying that he was “retarded” and therefore was going to die. My point – thoughtless actions like these can have severe lasting impacts on kids (the whole voting off is even worse – it was not a quick thoughtless remark – it was planned and calculated!) and teachers or other adults that come in contact with kids and make these types of poor judgements should be fired and told to find a job where they don’t come in contact with people. Because really, if you can’t be nice to a child – then you probably can’t be nice to adults either.

  15. Samantha Says:

    yuck, and yuck.

  16. carla Says:

    you KNOW my jaw dropped on all of this.

    what is WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

  17. Jamie Says:

    OK…Fox News has officially ghetto-fied itself. (Not that it hasn’t in the past, I’m sure.)

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