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Now with extra mushy hormones!

June 18th, 2008

I heart NPR most of the time.  It is one of the few things I miss about commuting to work (that and the after work cigarette…don’t judge me – obviously I’m not indulging in that habit anymore).  Yesterday after a quick doctor visit, a not so quick errand, a trip to the clearance section of a bookstore, and a fast sprint through Old Navy maternity to see if there might be shorts that wouldn’t cut off my circulation when I sit down and cover my now scary thighs (there weren’t), I ran to the grocery store.  I had NPR on and had to stay in the car to listen to the rest of this story about couples getting marriage licenses in California yesterday.  The story was full of love and hope and people who had been waiting for a long time to be allowed to get married.

I know a lot of people don’t just disagree with same sex marriage but think it will cause the downfall of our civilization.  I just can’t wrap my head around the thinking.  With all of the ugliness and violence in the world, can’t we all just celebrate and appreciate love where it is found?  Two women, ages 87 and 83, who have loved one another for over 50 years, finally got married yesterday.  People marched outside carrying signs with hateful messages (“God hates Lying Sinners”  wow they grew up learning about a very different God than I did).  Why is that something that would cause anyone a moment of anger or upset?  They didn’t ask God to sanction the marriage – just the mayor.  (Although I don’t believe that God or any higher power would frown upon finding love in this world – but that is my own personal belief.)

As I sat in the car listening to these couples talk about their joy and excitement over being able to plan weddings and marriages, I found myself with tears in my eyes.  I find it so touching to hear that kind of happiness – regardless if the voices are male and female or male and male.  I was so happy for them all only to find myself dismayed to hear that they all have to fear for the status of their unions when voters in California vote on a state constitutional amendment this fall banning same sex marriage.  It makes me angry that there are horrible things happening in our world: hunger, abuse, abandoned children, violence,  homelessness, disease, and on and on but the thing that many people choose to spend their energy fighting against?  Love.

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29 Responses to “Now with extra mushy hormones!”

  1. Trace Says:

    I whole heartedly agree.

  2. Rachael Lord Says:

    Me too! Even without hormones I find myself tearing up when NPR does their human interest stories–now I want cake!

  3. Type (little) a Says:

    I am THRILLED that gay marriage is now legal in CA (not just a civil unions like in NJ).

    And contrary to what (some) conservatives say, it’s no threat to MY marriage.

  4. jane Says:

    I miss listening to NPR on the way to and from work, too. I know I could turn the radio on at home, but it’s just not the same. Oh and Radio Reader! Did you get that too? Dick Estell could read the back of a cereal box and I would listen.
    I saw that older couple on the news, too. Theirs is a true love story and there must be so many more like them. On the practical side, I heard another couple report that there are HUNDREDS of benefits that one gains with a marriage license to include inheritance of property, custody of children and medical insurance coverage just to name a few. How in the world can allowing a marriage to be recognized by a local government threaten any society? Jumping down from my soapbox now before I get a nose bleed…

  5. melany Says:

    I saw the couple on the news too. Very sweet. I agree – a weird thing for people to get all bent out of shape about. I don’t understand – then again, I don’t understand a lot about this world.

  6. Amy Says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I happen to be pretty conservative but I fail to see why so many people are so vehemently against gay marriage. Maybe part of it is that I’m in an interfaith marriage and I know that many people think that is wrong as well.

  7. Priscilla Says:

    I bawled just reading the stories of all the ceremonies. I am at a loss to understand how equal rights under the law can be denied to anyone in this day and age.

  8. jenn Says:

    I couldn’t agree more and couldn’t say it better than you did.

  9. karla | looking towards heaven Says:

    I loved and adored my after work cigarettes smoked in the comfort of my car.

    xo ~K

  10. Emily Says:

    Two amazing things about all this. One is that love comes in all varieties which. Two is that hate comes in all varieties.

    I’m convinced that people who extoll such hatred towards two people who love each other are simply weak-minded and misguided souls. It is THOSE people who need to be saved by God, not the people getting married.

  11. Amy Says:

    Amen sister. When I listen to people spout the “it will ruin the sanctity of marriage” argument as a legitimate argument against gay marriage I have to laugh (usually out loud). Half of all marriages end in divorce. On TV (drawing huge ratings) there is currently The Bachelor, The Bacholerette, WIFE SWAP, The Moment of Truth (AKA Pre-Divorce Court), and some insanity involving Flavor Flav (AKA My Self Esteem is as low as it can possibily go). Michael Jackson…Dennis Rodman…Joey Buttafucko got married. Hell, Larry King is a marriage away from a free set of steak knives. My point is this, do we really think that we hold marriage sacred anymore? Wonder what Scott Peterson thinks?

    I simply must learn to form an opinion.

  12. Alleen Says:

    agreed!!! I’m thankful the church I belong too is open to all.

  13. Julie P Says:

    Its so nice to hear positive thoughts on this topic :)

  14. Maureen Says:

    Amen Sister! I heart NPR too. I also miss it on my commute, but listen to it every chance that I get running errands. Dh and I love listening to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and This American Life on Saturday afternoons as we cruise around running errands.

    I agree that it’s so sad that many feel we should waste our time forbidding gays to marry, with so much bad going on in the world. I hope that CA can lead the way into making this legal for all same sex couples.

  15. Muriel Elrod Says:

    Okay, I miss my social ciggies too. I had my last puff the day I found out I was preggers. Sometimes, the craving is there but since I really only smoked when I drank…it kinda works out ok now. I am thinking after this kid makes his appearance I will celebrate with a cig, sushi and a hunk of non-pasturized cheese. I may top it off with some lunch meat and a glass of wine. lol I am done for good with smoking.

    As far as gay marriage, I completely do not agree with it from a religious standpoint but I am finding myself happy that they finally get to enjoy the joy that we married folks do. Not sure if that makes sense but I am saying I do not support it but do not pretest it either…I like it when people are happy.

  16. Gwen Says:

    I totally agree, of course! Right now I have no health insurance because I am a stay at home mom and Jenny’s insurance doen’t cover me because we aren’t married. I know we could buy insurance for me and we are looking into it, but I would have to pay $200+ a mo and then have a $5,000-$10,000 deductable. I just wish everyone would really live by the bible and love everyone and not judge. Or maybe even live by the constitution and realize everyone is equal no matter who you love and sleep with every night.

    We have heard some pretty hateful things from Jenny’s family so nothing is surprising to me if family would say it then why wouldn’t strangers. As a matter of fact we recently invited her niece, who is 12, to stay the weekend with us and we were told no it wasn’t in her best interest. The niece Jenny helped raise for 2 year, just plain sad.

    Anyway thanks Michelle!

  17. Cindy Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful post!

  18. Martha Says:

    I So agree…I just cant even discuss this subject with some of my conservative friends…I just cant understand how some can be so intolerant.

    And I heart NPR too!

  19. Anne Says:

    Great post! I can’t understand why same-sex marriage is such a threat to some people. I am so proud that my church here in CA has been instrumental in pushing for marriage equality.

  20. Pattie Says:

    I AGREE! Two people who love each other and make a commitment are NO threat to my marriage. What I really don’t get is WHY we just don’t require civil marriages for ALL couples getting married (as in, performed by a government official, and bestowing all the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage) and let religious organizations perform a second ceremony, in accordance with their values and ceremonial customs. I definitely think it is time for a separation of “church” and “state” on this issue.

  21. carla Says:

    ME TOO and I totally laughed at myself.

  22. Vanessa Says:

    I completely agree. It’s so hard to comprehend. I always equate this to the injustice that black people went through and the insane rules of who could sit, pee, drink or eat where. We now look back and think “we were so backward then” and that’s what will happen to future generations when they look back on this time. Like, OF COURSE black people should sit wherever they want to on a bus. OF COURSE, gay people should be able to marry.

  23. artsweet Says:

    Thanks Michelle! I hope that as the world sees that gay marriage doesn’t cause the disintegration of society, that people will stop being so hateful to us and focus their attention, as you said, on things that really matter.

  24. Heather Says:

    Amen, sister! Love of all kinds should be encouraged. It’s hate, violence and fear that we should focus our energy on.

  25. Ashley Says:

    I agree whole heartedly. I will never understand such hatred..

  26. Rhonda Says:

    It is always hard to understand why people are so judgemental and have incredible hatred and ugliness in this world. It would change the world if they would truly focus on the “important” issues of our country versus on those that find love in any alternative measures.

  27. Sig Says:

    I am thrilled, especially cuz my daughter is gay :)

  28. Samantha Says:

    sigh. it saddens me that anyone has to feel that kind of hate.
    thanks for this post.

  29. Denise :o) Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. My friend called me last week to invite me to his wedding in August. Him and Scott will finally be able to marry. They did get a Domestic Partnership a while back and that was nice, but this is so much better. I think it’s awful that a couple can be together, for many many years sometimes, one will go in the hospital and the other has no rights what-so-ever in their care, their death, the family afterward, nothing. It’s as if their years together means nothing at all. Can you imagine raising a child, only to have that child taken away by your spouses family when your spouse passed away, simply because the gov’t wouldn’t allow you to get married??? So, so awful.

    I work in the personnel department at my work (I live in CA). We received a notice on how we are to process adding same-sex spouses to our insurance policies. Reading the instructions kind of pissed me off. Sense gay marriage is not recongnized by the Federal Gov’t we have to process it differently than a different-sex marriage. Mine and my husband’s premiums are deducted before taxes. This is great because it lowers your tax bracket and not as much money is taken from your monthly checks. However, same-sex marriages will pay the same premium, but will also be taxed on it. This means every month they will receive less money. Granted they will be able to claim this on their taxes (at least I think they will, maybe I’m wrong????) and we cannot. It’s just another little stab with the dagger. It’s ignorant and makes me very angry.

    I will definitely be at the poles putting in my vote.

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