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Drugs ‘R Gud

July 29th, 2008

Steve here posting on behalf of Michelle at her request.

She’s heavily medicated at this point and is barely able to form coherent sentences, let alone control her fingers enough to actually type out a full blog post.  However, she’s comfortable, in no pain at all, contractions are coming along nicely and she’s slowly dilating to delivery readiness.

As I finish this, Michelle has requested that I provide this quote: “Duuuuude”.

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52 Responses to “Drugs ‘R Gud”

  1. Tricia Says:

    COME ON TESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tricia Says:

    Come on girl, come on!!!


  3. Angie Says:


  4. Alleen Says:

    hahaha! won’t be long now I hope!

  5. Ashley Says:

    LOL! Good luck :)

  6. Jordana Says:

    You can do it!

  7. Bobbi Says:

    THanks for the update!!! We are all cheering you on. Drugs are our friends.

  8. Sarah Says:

    You go girl!!

  9. Priscilla Says:

    Yea for drugs! Glad all are doing well. You hang in there, too, Steve, and thanks for updating.

  10. Jenn Says:

    As someone mentioned above, “drugs are our friends”. I’m glad all is going well!
    Thanks for keeping us updated Steve!

  11. Jenny Says:

    yay! I’m so excited for Tessa’s arrival!!

  12. melany Says:

    LOL. Wow – I almost feel like we’re all there in person. Lucky for you, we’re not. ;)

  13. DJ Holly Rock Says:

    C’mon dude, you can do it!!! Yay for Michelle!!!

  14. Laura Says:

    Duuuuude that is awesome!

  15. Regina (FTC) Says:

    Yippeee!!!!!! Come on Tessa!!!! So glad that Michelle is comfortable.

  16. Farrah Says:

    Oh my gosh she must have gotten the Epideral…..You go girl!!!!

    COME ON TESSA……How exciting.

  17. Gibb Says:

    Okay, Steve, this is your chance to mess with her while she is all drugged up. Tell her she already had the baby…see if she remembers!!!

    Keep the updates comin’.

  18. carla Says:


  19. Kecia Says:

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Thanks for the update Steve. Just wondering how wierd it is for you to have all of us out here, so concerned about your wifes hoo ha and her impeding cervical expansion! blogland is so awesome

  20. Steph Says:

    Drugs RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULE!!!!!! Come on Tessa Baby!

  21. Anne Says:

    Thanks for the update! Come on Tessa, we are all waiting for you! :)

  22. Muriel Says:

    tooooooo funny. Go girl go!

  23. Leigh Says:

    Have been thinking of you! Hang in there! Can’t wait for pics of Baby Tessa!! :)

  24. nikki Says:

    Yipppeeee for drugs!!!!
    Stalking your site for news of Tessa’s arrival!!!

  25. Julia Says:

    that is what I am talking about girlfriend!
    I am so stumped as to why anyone would WANT to squeeze a baby out without them;)
    You Can Do IT!

  26. Kim Says:

    Gooooo Drugs!!!! I hope things are continuing to move along – stalking for Tessa’s arrival.

  27. Rachael Says:

    On pins and needles here for some news, dudes.

  28. Amy Says:

    Duuuuude, you’re having a baby. Or maybe she was trying to say, ‘Ddddemerol ddddrip’.

  29. Rhonda FTC Says:

    GOTTA love those drugs……………………………LOL Waiting to hear the great news!

  30. Alleen Says:

    dude…. hoping all is still going well.

  31. Debra Says:

    This blogland cheering section is very big. Aren’t you glad we are not all in your room shouting at your cervix. Thanks for the updates Steve! Enjoy those drugs while they last. Can’t wait to see pics.

  32. Kelly Says:

    I just love this wohle bogging during labor thing!


  33. Melissa Says:

    Drugs rule! Hope you all are doing well.

  34. Tricia Says:

    TESSA, you need to hurry up & make an appearance – your fans are waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Dottie Says:

    Go Michelle!!

  36. Type (little) a Says:

    C’mon Tessa, don’t make Mommy wait another day like your buddy Ducky!!

    Push her out, shove her out WAY OUT!

  37. Angie Says:

    Refresh… wait a second…. refresh….. wait another second….. refresh….. wait a second….refresh

    This has been my day and now night. Come on Tessa!

  38. Meena Says:

    Love the blogging during birth!! Great idea Michelle and Steve. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to “be there” with you as you go through this.


  39. Deanna Says:

    An Ode to Rusty!!! I love it! It is about 8 pm your time, I am hoping that Tessa has made her arrival by now and you are just too enamored with your new daughter to catch us up yet!!! Give Michelle my best if Tessa is here and let her know we WILL be here all night to check in on her if not, of course sending LOVE your way!!! No pressure in that statement just support, like she cares either way right now!!! Lots of love!

  40. melissa :) Says:

    I know this is not the time to giggle, but I’m giggling. :)

    I am so glad your hubby updated ’cause I’m checking your site like wayyyyyyyy too much. :)

    Oh, & btw, you have the COOLEST people who comment on your site. Too fun!

    Good luck!!! :)

  41. Lori Says:

    Can’t even imagine what you are going through – but I have experienced being in the delivery room with my girlfriend going through what ya’ll are going through right now and I commend you for doing it!! Can’t wait to see baby!!

  42. mama k Says:

    Can’t wait to see Tessa!

  43. Julia Says:

    Just checking in and seeing if I can take a breathing break – I am starting to hyperventilate from all this lamaze!
    I called a couple of Curtis’s college buds I know to hook me up so I could REALLY feel what you re feeling and be high and do lamaze at the same time;)


    don’t I wish some days -I did love the 80′s:)


    hang tough chick
    you have an entire tribe of cool people cheering you on –
    heehee who-heehee who
    deep cleansing breatin**cough cough – ehum-ehum**cough cough
    laying down now;)

    come on Tessa – do you have any idea how old I am?

  44. Habesha Child Says:

    hang in there!!!
    we are rooting for you!

  45. Farrah Says:

    So do we have a DAMN baby yet? We are all checking constantly to see if you have popped her out yet…


  46. Type (little) a Says:

    Oh if this labor is anything like mine (induced monday night, deliver weds morning) then all I have to say is “Oh bizarro twin, i’m so sorry”

  47. Priscilla Says:

    Tessa! Ooooo, TESSA! Your Auntie P is calling you!!!

    Late night love coming your way. Hope it’s all over and the three of you are chilling comfortably. :)

  48. TNKerry Says:

    C’mon already. Waiting for some good news :)

    Hope all is well. Can’t wait to see your sweet little Tessa.

  49. Denise :o) Says:

    Oh girl, you so crack me up!! Come on baby, come on!!!! Give poor Mama a rest already!!

  50. Muriel Says:

    I have now gone to bed with my laptop so I can continue stalking.

  51. Meredith Says:

    We’re awful, aren’t we?

    I am hoping that Steve and Michelle are so tired–in a warm, we-did-it way–that we won’t see Tessa till tomorrow.

    Here’s to a restful night’s sleep for all 3 of you!

  52. Julia Says:

    heehee who heeheewho

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