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The one where I don’t get into politics

September 11th, 2008

You all know that I’m not afraid to get into controversial subjects when the mood strikes.  I’ve declared my opinion on several hot button topics at different times.  I’m sure some people were waiting for a rant on the Palin issue.  A rant about how unfair it is that everyone is saying she needs a make over or how no one is questioning Obama’s ability to be a good father while running the country or whatever else might strike my fancy that day.  When no rant appeared many of you probably thought I was too busy or tired to put together a post or to give it much thought.  That isn’t entiredly incorrect.  But mostly?  Those things don’t matter to me.  I am so tired of reading threads on message boards about what kind of mother Palin is or what her religious practices are or if she has shot a moose.  I have said repeatedly in those venues and will repeat it here:  I don’t care.

Palin’s ability to be a mother while being the vice president isn’t any of my business.  That is an issue for her family to address.  I don’t care what her hair style is.  Also not concerned about her shooting moose.  And as long as we continue to have a separation of church and state in this country (I won’t start a rant on how this has been erroded under the reign of the current king president), I don’t care what religion she practices.  I care only about her politics, her experience, and her ability to assist in running the country.  If someone has solid information about her supposedly wanting to ban a long list of books when she was mayor, I’m all ears (and willing to rant at length).  But I’m tired of the conversations that have nothing to do with the issues at hand.

For a variety of reasons, I will not be casting a vote in favor of her ticket in November but I assure you it isn’t because I’m concerned her kids might not get enough mommy time.

Now can someone tell me who taught my oldest daughter to say “mommymommymommy” 37 times in a row without taking a breath while tugging on my shirt tail?  Because that is an issue with relavence today.

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19 Responses to “The one where I don’t get into politics”

  1. lexi Says:

    Hi, I have been a lurker for a long time but today I had to post a big THANK YOU for one of the few no-nonsense, right on the money posts about Palin I read since she was announced VP candidate.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I’m with you. Stick to the issues people. I could care less about half the crap the media makes a big deal about. Do you know the other morning they had Palin’s “best gal pals” on GMA or Today show to “get to know the real Palin”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! What on earth does that have to do with anything? Sheesh..it makes me sick how the media has taken this whole election and made it be this crap instead of the actual issues. Like the WAR for crying out loud.

    *sigh* I’m done now. lol

  3. Karen Says:

    I waited a loonnnggg time to hear somebody call me “mommy”. And some days I think if I hear it one more time, I’ll go postal.

  4. melany Says:

    LOL. Funny stuff. Palin’s hair, big game hunting, etc. All of it. Funny. Or is it just… odd? Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting watching some bizzar scene play out where no one seems to really “get it”.

    In the more relavent category… I actually posted today about the MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY too.

  5. amy Says:

    Well said! Good post. Of course, I’ve had her name tatooed on my ass cause I love her and I’m totally votin for her.

    the mommymommy thing in my house right now is my 20 month old son yelling “MAMA!” “MAMA!!” Really loud. All the time.

    (just kidding on that tatoo thing, btw…)

  6. Trish Says:

    Your post makes so much sense and it is so well said. I agree that we need to stick with the issues and belief system of the candidates.

    My 18 month old walks around the house saying “is that mine” or he will say “is that mommy”. All. The. Time.

  7. Trish Says:

    Your post makes so much sense and it is so well said. I agree that we need to stick with the issues and belief system of the candidates.

    My 18 month old walks around the house saying “is that mine” or he will say “is that mommy”. All. The. Time.

  8. Kim Says:

    I’m tired of hearing all the crap about irrelevent stuff in the media. It would be nice to have the media focus on actual issues that are going to or are affecting the country. It would also be nice for unbiased reports too. But sadly that’s all a dream.

    I totally understand the mommy nonstop. Atleast E is the only one who says it over and over again for no reason. L only says moma when she actually wants me. Isn’t it sad that we’re so excited the first time we hear them say it and then it turns to this. I’m definatley not ready for #3 (other L) to start talking well.

  9. Amy Says:

    I agree…my older daughter is in preschool now and my younger daughter wont leave me a lone for 5 seconds now… When i dont respond to mommy after 5 million times, she calls me Amy. I think I am changing my name

  10. rachael Says:


    You are so sensibly refreshing!

  11. Tracey Says:

    I was always very good at that one…I think the record I held for saying mommymommymommy…was 1325!

  12. Alleen Says:

    I agree with all of it, including the mommymommymommy part!

  13. Rusty Gerber Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Have a good one Love ya.

  14. Bobbi Says:

    I believe that when they turn two that becomes mandatory!!!

    Is today your birthday?? Happy Birthday

    I am with you on all of it. Obama said it, and I agree, personal lives need to stay out to this. Though, I too will not be voting for her and her running mate, I do think that she is a pretty awesome woman!!

  15. Martha Says:

    Omigod the mommymommymommy rant drives me nuts! And yeah they won’t be getting my vote either despite their new ‘Change’ mantra…also for a variety of reasons.

  16. Rhonda Says:


  17. steve Says:

    what not one mention about it being your birthday?

  18. Andrea Says:

    You know, I don’t understand why today — all these years after feminism first surfaced in a “women are exactly equal to men” kind of way — why people don’t think it’s relevant to raise the issue of whether the job and the campaign will interfere with her parenting.

    Mind you, I am not saying that Palin should be automatically disqualified because she has a special needs infant, but I don’t think that it’s improper for the press or the general public to inquire. I’m a mother of a one year old, and something felt wrong to me when I saw her parading that young child out on the convention floor. I knew that that would be the story of that child’s young life for some time to come.

    I don’t think women parents should be automatically disqualified from any job, but I also think we are at a time in history where we understand that, just like women don’t have to wear suits and bow ties to succeed, men and women are different, and may succeed in different ways, at different times depending on family obligations. And mothers and fathers are different. Lets face it: Mothers usually are needed more. Especially when the child is young. All the “equal rights” in the world can not erase that. Add to that that parenting a young infant is especially challenging, more so when that infant has special needs, and yes, I think it is reasonable to ask how she will do it all and whether the child will get the short shrift. To just assume that she is a capable woman who can do this all is, I think, simplistic. Truthfully, I don’t know how she will do it all. Just like being a vice president, being a mother is a job, and a very important job, that you have to show up for, more than once in a while.

    At any rate, I enjoy your blog!

  19. Samantha Says:

    I started one of those threads on one of those forums simply because I knew there were a lot of very conservative right wingers over there and actually wanted to know if they would be supporting her nomination (on the grounds of her far right and religious ideology) or if they would be toting the family values line and not supporting her. Where it went from there? Another story altogether.

    But do I think bloggers should be talking about her? Absolutely. Is her religion pertinent? Only if it infringes on my rights (and the rights of a woman who wants to make choices about her own body, and the rights of gays and lesbians, and the rights of a library to carry any book in publication, and the rights of moose…ok, maybe not the rights of moose.) ‘Nuf said. xo

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