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Sabrina (day before) Saturday

March 20th, 2009

Sabrina Friday would lack the fun alliteration.

Apparently not leaving the house with the children leads to a very dull blog.  Who knew?  We had a couple of gorgeous days this week.  Sabrina has started asking as soon as breakfast is over if we can play outside.  She has no patience for the chilly spring mornings that keep her inside until after lunch.

I picked up this bball hoop at a consignment sale a couple of weeks ago.  She loves it.  Although she prefers that mommy make the baskets while she chases the rebounds.


She is growing beyond the inch worm and ready for the Dora bike she got for Christmas.


Her favorite outside thing is BUBBLES! but mommy has trouble blowing bubbles and snapping photos at the same time.


When she is stuck inside, she takes care of her baby (sent by my wonderful STD friends) just like mommy.


She is full of drama and figuring out how to manipulate Mommy and Daddy.  Her favorite stall tactics before nap or bedtime are “Nina big girl potty?” or “Hugs? Kisses?”.  She knows both work.  We’ve had no progress on the potty training front so we either need to shelve it and revisit it in another month or two or we need to ditch the casual approach and move to potty training boot camp.

She amazes me daily with things she learns or absorbs.  She has started using pronouns and full sentences.  Of course, that usually means “I don’t like that” in reaction to whatever we have for dinner.  We’ve started family dinners (as opposed to her eating and going to bed and then Steve and I have dinner) and confirmed that she doesn’t like most vegetables and thinks meatloaf and macaroni and cheese are the best things ever.  She will eat shrimp but only if it is breaded.  She doesn’t like fish.  She will eat taco meat if it is mixed in with her refried beans.  She would live exclusively on bread, pasta, cereal, yogurt, rice & beans, and fruit if we allowed it.  The best way to get her to try something is to start eating it and when she whines for some offer to “share” it with her.

And the only way to get her to smile for a photo is to start taking pictures of Tessa which results in “Nina pictures!”


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7 Responses to “Sabrina (day before) Saturday”

  1. Kecia Says:

    Seriously? Your “STD” friends?

  2. Julie P Says:

    I echo PP the “STD friends”? We’re thinking potty training bootcamp in May when the weather is finally nicer here in Boston. You could do it first though and then tell us what to do…please? Pretty please? With sugar on top?
    I love Sabrina’s smile so thanks for having a post all dedicated to her!

  3. Michelle Says:

    The STDs are a super top secret elite dissident society. I could tell you more but then I’d…well you know the rest.

  4. ale Says:

    obviously my STD question was not as original…:) Loved the update and love how her hair flows as she “dunks” the basketball.

  5. Angie Says:

    STD friends??? I thought you had more class than to hang around with a bunch of STDs! I can only imagine what that crew must be like:)

    Great pictures by the way!!! We tried potty training with Gabbie at Christmas and it didn’t work. A month later she was ready and now she is doing great!!! I would wait another month if I was you and try again. Good luck! She will get it soon!

  6. Kim Says:

    I held two potty training boot camps last month. Let me tell you that it’s very very nice to go from three in diapers to one.

  7. Blend Says:

    Awesome cute pics dude, she is pretty cute. God bless her……

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