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Another taste of spring

March 23rd, 2009

Today was another lovely day.  Sabrina doesn’t want to spend a single minute in the house.

She did enjoy a few minutes inside today.  I gave her a cookie and she must have said 30 times while eating it “I like cookies”.


Daddy arrived home in time to join us for a trip to the swings.


Tessa’s first foray on a swing.  She wasn’t impressed.


She did enjoy hanging out in the yard.  I think.


And I had to laugh.  Sabrina has grown a couple inches of legs this winter.  Her 18 month clothing still fits around her waist but is way too short.  24 month and 2T pants are the right length but I spend all day pulling them up (even the stuff with the tabs to tighten).  This dress is 2T and would be obscenely short if she wasn’t just a toddler.


We are slowly working on potty training.  I don’t know what we will do when she doesn’t have the extra bulk of the diaper to help hold up her pants.  Suspenders?

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18 Responses to “Another taste of spring”

  1. Stacey Says:

    I know that feeling! Ephraim has spent all winter wearing the same three pairs of overalls because he can’t keep any of his pants up. I bought nothing but onesie shorts for spring. We tried on a few pairs of shorts, but they fell right off.

  2. Julie P Says:

    We actually take a tuck in many of Ally’s pants to get them to stay up. I wonder too about them staying up when diapers are done. At least it will be warm weather and pants won’t be the primary article of clothing. I see lots of dresses in our future! Maybe we can beef them up a little by the fall when its pants season again?

  3. Musings of a Housewife Says:

    Oh I’m so jealous of that warm weather! Such a cutie in her little dress. :-)

  4. Ashley Says:

    Well you won’t have to worry about pants for a few more months. Just put her in dresses lol!

  5. Angie Says:

    I LOVE the picture of Sabrina on the swing! She looks like she is getting so big!!! I am amazed that 18 months clothing fits around the waist! Gabbie’s 2T’s are now too tight and getting a little too short. I went up to 3T on a jean skirt and jean capris from gap and they are much better. I have to adjust the waist and the length is a little long but the 2′s are just too small. Sabrina looks like she might weigh more than Gabbie though. Gabbie is only 25ish pounds but she carries it in the middle!

    Love the pictures!!! They are both super cute!

  6. Angie Says:

    Oh and I forgot to add losing the diaper hasn’t changed anything with Gabbie’s pants. She is able to hold her pants up just fine, even the 3′s if the waist is adjusted enough. Maybe it is because she is all belly and booty:)

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Cute cookie face!

    We have the opposite problem…waist tight, legs too long! 34lbs and not even 2 years old, yet!

  8. Melany Says:

    Yep – same problem… and Pilar is out of diapers so she has major plumbers crack a lot of days. If I roll the waist over, they’re too short. I guess I need to put some of my sewing skills to use on taking the waiste in on her pants! Although… the suspenders idea is interesting…lol

  9. Pattie Says:

    Pics are adorable! Good news for you is that it is going to be warm, so Sabrina can wear the smaller size shorts again this year. My princess is on the short side, but round in the middle, so we were good with 18-24month pants when she lost the diaper. Dresses were a problem for a while, since the 2T panties didn’t want to stay up. Big brother is up to a 4T in pants, for length, but I think he could still wear 2Ts in shorts!

  10. Suzanne Says:

    Gerber’s got padded training pants, they’re like the old school rubber pants with padding. I got them at Target. They are the best thing for newly potty trained kid, we wear them over underwear and they don’t leak and add some nice padding to keep the pants up!

    Here’s a link for the pants:


  11. Amy Says:

    I don’t know what we will do when she doesn’t have the extra bulk of the diaper to help hold up her pants…..I’m a big fan of duct tape.


  12. Sonia in MO (FTC) Says:

    I became a big fan of leggings when Hannah was going through that stage. if they were too loose, I just threw them in the dryer and let ‘em shrink a bit. And she lived in shorts the past two summers when going through those odd growth stages. It sure made things simpler!

  13. carla Says:

    loved when emma was outgrowing everything and then when she was potty trained the stuff fit again w/out the diaperbulk!
    Id love to leave you an insightful comment but I.Brain.Dead.
    My email is taking eons to arrive and it’s bath time but wanted to let you know I was thinking about yu!

  14. samantha Says:

    i love the photo of tessa on the swing. and who doesn’t love cookies, really…

  15. Becky Says:

    I know what you are saying. I’ve considered sewing ruffles on the end of Tabitha’s pants so that they will be long enough!

  16. Bobbi Says:

    I am so proud. I like cookies too!! She is just adorable. Tessa, you’ll learn to love the swing. I remember the girls not wanting to be inside. It is still a little bit too cold here for Reese to totally appreciate the outdoors, but my time is coming

  17. Stephanie Says:

    Cookies and Swings! Two of my daughter’s favorite things!

  18. Kim Says:

    I have the same problem with pants and my Em. I found that Children’s Place pants adjust tighter than some of the other. Gap don’t adjust small enough for him.

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