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Why Daddy shouldn’t be in charge of hair

March 28th, 2009

dsc09314 Sabrina looks like Moe of the Three Stooges.  Thank goodness it grows pretty quickly.

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27 Responses to “Why Daddy shouldn’t be in charge of hair”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Oh my word! She looks so happy and she LOVES her new ‘do! :)
    She is as beautiful as ever!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Oh . My . God

    What on earth happened? Did she get into the scissors?

  3. melissa :) Says:

    LOL Look at her cute smile! Fortunately she’s unaware of what he’s done! LOL

  4. Laura Says:

    She looks cute. No harm done :-)

  5. DD Says:

    Did Steve PAY for that haircut?? If so, tell him to go to a parlor, not a BARBER. Duh.

  6. Angie Says:

    Oh no! Did he cut those? Yikes! It is a good thing it grows! Now you not only need to keep the scissors away from the kids but Steve too:)

  7. Holly G Says:

    Goodness gracious!!! Well, they are straight…right? Please tell me Steve did that and it wasn’t done by a salon anywhere. What does Steve think about them, Sabrina is obviously thrilled. Don’t worry Michelle, it just adds to her charm, she is as cute as ever.

  8. Becky Says:

    Hey at least they are even! LOL

  9. Stephanie Says:

    Oh no! He didn’t!!! HA!! Still ADORABLE!!

  10. Ale Says:

    Bless her heart, she hasn’t noticed!

  11. Gwen Says:

    well, at least it will be a while until she needs them cut again : )

  12. Bobbi Says:

    She is still adorable!! Joe tried to cut Reese’s once. Wasn’t pretty. Thank God boys can get a buzz cut:>)

    My hairdresser has cut the girls about that short too.

    Steve, no playing w/scissors!!

  13. Tonya Says:

    hahaha…she is cute cute!! does he hang pictures real high on the walls? love it.

  14. Rusty Gerber Says:

    What the hell happen??? Who did that??? It will grow back thank god!!! Love ya guys

  15. samantha Says:

    rofl. please tell us what happened.

  16. Cass Says:

    This was me for several years of my life. Gotta love big little bangs.

  17. Kelly Says:

    Holy Christ in a Cracker!!!!!!!! At least she’s happy with them and you won’t have to do them for quite some time!!!!! She’s too cute bangs and all!

  18. Julie P Says:

    OMG I LOL that is all I can say.

  19. Jen Says:

    That totally put a smile on my face this morning…..she’s a doll even with the short bangs!

  20. amy Says:

    OMG it’s a good thing she’s so adorable!!

    Yes, he’s never to be in charge of it again though.

  21. Ellie Says:

    Usually, this is what happens when a child takes a scissors to her own hair…

  22. Kecia Says:

    Ok..in WHOEVER’s defense. I had a bad haircut situation with Jonas…a boy child…and it was about “bangs” too. These little Guats have low LOW hairlines in the front.. Easy to “overcut” and leave them lookin’ silly….

  23. Jody W. Says:

    At least whoever did the bangs didn’t try for the sides, too!

  24. martha Says:

    She is still cute. Love the Moe reference!

  25. Rhonda Says:

    Ahhhh, it’s cute

  26. carla Says:

    man this is SO CUTE.
    and so what chris wants to do.
    the bangs at least.
    I *think* Ive convinced him to seek professional help.

  27. Dana Says:

    Sabrina is adorable no matter what but I would lock up the scissors if I were you. I’ll always remember how impressed I was with Steves husbandry skills when you posted a picture of the banner he made when you and Sabrina came home but I think his skills with scissors are not up to par.

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