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First Quarter Closing

March 31st, 2009

My momma popped in for a super quick visit this weekend.  She was in Louisville on business so we got to spend a day with her.

You can’t photograph her straight on or her face contorts into odd expressions.  Sabrina had a grand time with Abuela.


Tessa is firmly in the “everyone who isn’t a designated bottle getter is evil” phase so she was less certain about Abuela.



For those who were unclear, Sabrina’s bangs were a result of daddy cutting her bangs.  I was hesitant to do it again because the last time she jerked and I actually clipped her eyelid a tiny bit.  It freaked me out because I kept thinking of all of the horrible ways that could have ended if she had jerked just a little bit more.  So Steve said he wanted to try.  I turned the scissors over to him.  Men are good problem solvers – he has now made it so that I don’t have to cut her bangs again for quite awhile.

I keep laughing at them.  Steve insists they don’t look bad at all.


And we haven’t managed to screw up her hair yet…


I’ve got some cute kick ass bows to show off soon!

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7 Responses to “First Quarter Closing”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I understand his logic (unfortunately) and I’ve made the same bang cutting mistake (unfortunately, although M’s were not nearly that bad) but Steve, I think you should officially be banned from any future bang trimming. Sorry buddy.


  2. Megan Says:

    I think it opens up her face! Or at least this is what we say when we jack Lily’s up too!! She won’t jerk (or at least not yet) but she starts to lean farther and farther away.

  3. Rachael Says:

    Oh my. I would never in a million years turn a pair of scissors over to my husband to use on a child’s head. Thank-you for just confirming that! (Although she’s so stinkin’ cute, she still looks adorable. Adorable in a sort of “OMG, can you believe my mom let my DAD cut my hair?!” way. :))

  4. Brigid Says:

    The last time I took Maggie in for a haircut, the woman asked me if I *wanted* her bangs crooked. Uh, no. If I wanted them crooked I would have cut them again myself!

  5. Sonia in MO (FTC) Says:

    Short bangs, long bangs – either way she is still the most adorable little thing!!

  6. Rhonda Says:

    Oh how cute Michelle. Hey, it only tooooooook FOUR years to finally just get Katie’s haircut this last weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even dare try since I have NO talkent when it comes to cutting hair!!!

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