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Optimism & Screaming Mimi

May 4th, 2009

dsc09626Every year since I began this blog, I’ve proudly declared that my herbs were planted in their cute little pots.  In Pittsburgh, they were gorgeous and we used them often.  Since moving South? I’ve had to accept the death of my herbs well before their time.  Finally, last year someone told me to quit growing them in their cute little pots.  They can’t retain enough moisture in the pots because it is like living on the sun some days.  It makes perfect sense but it hadn’t occurred to me.  We had an azelea bush die last summer (not our fault…the people who do the planting when each house is built in this housing development should be flogged – badly planned, poorly done, over crowded, etc).  So I optimisticly put some herbs in that empty spot.  The selection of herbs at most nurseries around here is slim.  I did find some basil, oregano, cilantro, and flat leaf parsley.  We’ll see how they do.


dsc09608Send aspirin.  This cute face?  Looking all sweet, sucking on her fingers…don’t let her fool you.  She is the loudest little firecracker ever heard around these parts.  Sabrina was never a screamer.  Tessa is.  I call her Screaming Mimi often enough that Sabrina has picked up the nickname for her too.

dsc09610 I won’t post video because who wants to listen to that?  But this face shows the mischevious glint in her eye when she is getting geared up.  Be scared.  Be very scared.  And send ear plugs for Mother’s Day.

And this last photo I post just because it makes me laugh.  Sabrina looks like a little diva and Tessa looks like she is trying hard to not be forgotten.  Some days that isn’t far off…but Tessa is starting to fight for equal time and show some jealousy. dsc09621

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8 Responses to “Optimism & Screaming Mimi”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I am somewhat of a brown thumb. But I love to have fresh herbs too. I bought an Aero Garden for my kitchen counter and those things grow in that like gang-busters!

  2. Tonya Says:

    Good idea with the herbs. I cant keep basil happy unless its in a large pot or the ground. We always have a couple pots of tomatoes/basil on the deck for the kids to munch on and they do good. Your oregano and parsley will come back next year…cilantro will re-seed and come back too! Is Miss Tessa getting teeth? So stinking cute!

  3. Michelle Smiles Says:

    I should clarify that it is mostly a joyful scream – she is happy usually. It is her way of expressing herself but man oh man I wish she could find a slightly less high pitched and softer way of doing so.

  4. Tracie Says:

    I don’t comment a lot but I couldn’t help myself today. I have to say these are the cutest pictures ever! I guess it’s the expressions, like they know what they are doing. I’ve been having a lousy day but now I can’t help but smile!!! Thanks. Your’e kids are just adorable.

  5. kelly Says:

    they are just too cute for their own darn good…

  6. kelly Says:

    the kids, not the herbs…

  7. Bobbi Says:

    You have got some pretty cute little girls!! Tessa looks like she is going to be takingover the diva roll all too soon.

    The last pic is pricless. Sabrina keeps getting more and more beautiful

  8. Tera Says:

    “Screaming Mimi”…hee hee. : D My Mom used to call me that. : D I love that last photo so much…the expressions are so cute! I hope that your herbs do well! I can’t wait to plant some! Can you believe that it has almost been two years since you gave me a little tour of Antigua? Hugs and God bless.

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