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Then she announced “I got crabs!”

June 17th, 2009

dsc09650Remember last month when I made the butterfly collage for Sabrina’s room? Well, exactly a month later, I finally made Tessa’s crab collage.  The 50% off sale on frames at Hobby Lobby yesterday finally allowed me to buy a frame without guilt.  I spent forever doing a grid for Sabrina’s butterflies so they would all be even and straight.  And I still wasn’t happy with the result.  So this time, I threw my OCD caution to the wind and just eyeballed it.  There are crabs that are a little off but really the butterflies aren’t any straighter.

I learned 2 things through these projects.

1.  This isn’t a good project for someone with a perfectionist streak because trying to get all of these things straight and level and even could drive someone bonkers.  And you might not realize until later that all of the crabs aren’t facing the same way which will cause a huge fight between your inner perfectionist and your inner lazy self.  Lazy won but perfectionist will take note of it every single time it is in my eyesight for the next 15 years.

2.  Unless you have a good sense of humor, don’t give your 2.5 year old left over crab cut outs to play with prior to going out in public.  Because she will go through Kroger gleefully telling strangers “I got crabs!”

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9 Responses to “Then she announced “I got crabs!””

  1. Anne Says:

    LOL just at the title of your post!

  2. mama k Says:

    I like this one even better. I think the “randomness” adds to it. :)

  3. Vanessa Says:

    ROFL!! It’s a really cute project!!

  4. Megan Says:

    I really like this! Good job Momma!

  5. Bobbi Says:

    HAHAAHA!!!! That is beyond precious. You must have been so proud

  6. lilfootsmommy Says:

    I love this one just as much as the butterflies. they are both so awesome!! I really have to get my butt in gear and try my hand at this!!!

  7. Kathleen Says:

    That one looks great, too! And you make me laugh out loud almost every time I visit you here :) THANKS !:)

  8. DD Says:

    OK. Going to hobby lobby today. If I email you, consumed by my own personal OCD issues, you’ll still respect me in the morning, right?

  9. Samantha Says:

    i might do it just so julian would run through the supermarket telling people.

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