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Potty Training sucks

June 25th, 2009

dsc09666I really don’t have anything to say today other than whining that I am tired of potty training.  Is wearing diapers until kindergarten really a bad thing?  We’ve just made the switch from pull ups to panties.  It’s been 1 1/2 days and we’ve only had one accident which is fabulous.  But to get those results, I have to take Sabrina to the potty every hour.  Which results in much whining from her – she doesn’t want to stop what she is doing to go potty.  She worries that Tessa will take her toys while she goes potty. She doesn’t need to go potty.  She doesn’t want to go potty.  She has a boo-boo.  Look! A bug.  Seriously, the whining is wearing me down.


dsc09609On a completely unrelated note, I love that this little restaurant seems to have an identity crisis.  Every time we drive past it, we laugh.  If you can’t read the signs, it says “Wok -N- Grill and Sno Biz Treat Center”.  One awning says “Delicious Chinese Food, Good Prices” and the other says “Ice Cream, Shakes & Smoothies” while the ledge over the drive through says “Sno Biz Shave Ice”.  I’ve never been brave enough to eat there but it always makes me smile.

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7 Responses to “Potty Training sucks”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I know what you mean. I never enjoyed it either. It was especially hard when we wanted to go on vacation, an amusement park or just spend a day out running around.

  2. Nikki Says:

    Potty training should also be called House Arrest For Parents!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tina in MI Says:

    Our first was potty trained at 2 yrs. old, no problems. We used regular underwear right off the bat. He did great. The 2nd however was a bear. We tried at 2, then stopped, no interest. We tried again at 2 & 1/2 and again stopped. When 3 rolled around we knew we had to get busy. We had a week or two of wet clothes all the time & a half dozen or so poopy pants, which is really gross. You know you can gag so hard you can bust a blood vessel in your eye? You can. Anyway, it was getting close the summer weather and my husband threatened that he would not get out the battery powered 4-wheeler if said child #2 didn’t start peeing & pooping on the potty. . . . We had not had, even 1, accident since. He tells us when he’s gotta go poop & he goes & does the pee thing all on his own.

    You may need to just find the right bribe/threat!

  4. Kim Says:

    I hated potty training. Lil made it easy, too easy. Em is still having occasional accidents, I think he’s just too lazy about it. I think I get more frustrated about his accidents because his sister doesn’t have accidents, only 1 since the first day. This doesn’t make me look forward to #3, although he is now ripping off his diaper and sitting on the potty. If only he understood urges. It would be so much easier if they were born with teeth and potty trained, oh and able to sleep all night.

  5. Angie Says:

    Gabbie was pretty easy to potty train, I will say that. She is in underwear 100% of the time now, even through the night and hasn’t had an accident for over a month. However – going out in public has become a pain in the rear. She can hold it at home for 2 hours and sometimes more but when we are out and about she just loves to check out other bathrooms, so she says she needs to go over and over again. I am not sure why, but I guess being a kid and going potty in foreign, germ infested places, is fun. It may be fun for her but when I want to eat at a restaurant but have to take her potty 4 times, it isn’t fun! That part sucks right now. Otherwise it is great!

    Way to go Sabrina! I bet she will have it down in no time!

  6. Alleen Says:

    Well, hopefully you’ll get through this phase quicker than we did. It already sounds like you will based on your progress. I went through potty training HELL for at least 6 months. Finally, this week I can say we’re done with daytime training. And yep, to get to this point involved me taking her against her wishes every day all day for months on end. I still have to remind her(maybe I just think I have to, I’m too scared to find out if she’d reliably tell me every time).

    I think you’ll be home-free very soon.

  7. carla Says:


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