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September 16th, 2009

p1000467Sabrina talks constantly.  She talks from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep.  With no exaggeration, she is almost never quiet.  When she isn’t forming words, she is making monotonous, repetitive sounds just to see how long it will take to make mommy’s head explode.  Because of this, we tune her out some of the time.  It is just exhausting otherwise.

Not only does she talk a lot, she is incredibly bossy.  She is always telling someone or the dog what to do or not do.

Yesterday, we went to a consignment sale.  I turned out of the parking lot and started to drive home.  Sabrina started telling me I had to stop the car.  This was a new level of bossy.  I asked her why and in typical 3 year old fashion her response was “Because you have to stop the car”.  I only engaged her because I was curious what prompted this.  I was concerned she needed something.  I drove a few blocks before she finally managed to say “Tessa’s straps aren’t done”.  I pulled over and told Sabrina if she was making it up she was going to be in big trouble (there was a recent incident with a button and Sabrina making me think Tessa was chocking while I was hurtling down the highway at 75MPH then careening to a stop to find it not quite accurate).  She was right.  I had done the middle chest clip but hadn’t clipped the straps into the buckle between her legs.  I’ve never forgotten to buckle the car seat straps before.  You can send my mother of the year award to PO Box 789…

Sorry Tessa.  Of course I thanked Sabrina and apologized for not believing her.  Then today we were going some where and she said “Stop the car Mommy” just for the fun of it.


My runner up mother of the year status should come from the other stupid thing I did that day.  The building where the consignment sale was held is decorated for Halloween.  They had a 10 foot tall furry spider in the hallway.  I pushed the stroller close enough for Sabrina to touch it thinking she might find it cute.  She froze and didn’t speak or move until we walked away.  She has said no fewer than 50 times since then “I didn’t like the spider mommy”.  She already has spider issues (she asks us to check her window to make sure there are no spider every night before bed) and my dumbass self thinks she might want to pet the 10 foot tall spider?


Ahh to be 3 and have little things make you incredibly happy.  My sister sent Sabrina a few things for her birthday this week.  Her favorite items were the birthday card with the pin that says “Princess” and the sparkly headbands which she has declared to be crowns.  First thing this morning, Sabrina asked “Can I be a princess now?” which consists of putting on the “circle” (the pin) and her “crown” (the head band).


She even said it was okay for Tessa to wear one.  Tessa wasn’t so thrilled about it.


And yes, we do sit around and exclaim to each other that we can’t believe how stinking cute our kids are.

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11 Responses to “PO Box 789”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Oh, I do believe we probably all have earned that “dumb ass” parent award at some time or another! I know I’ve had my fair share, LOL They are “stinking cute”, no other way to describe it!!! I always love how big sisters think little sisters want to try everything they do and have like Tessa in the last picture, hahahaha Gotta love sisters!

  2. Dana Says:

    I feel like I know your kids Michelle. I love the details of your days with them. Sabrina sounds like Serena these days. Bossy, thinks she knows more than me, etc. I’ll tell Serena not to touch a safety pin because it’s sharp and she might get hurt and she tells me with complete confidence “No it’s not mommy.” Everything is no it’s not mommy. Tessa is just growing so fast! She is adorable especially with that “crown” on! She seems to be the opposite of Sabrina which will make a great match for sisterly love. I’m sure we all have those mommy of the year awards. It comes with the job.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Oh yes! We have all been there! I think motherhood comes with a good ole’ dose of ADD. Seriously! I was hoping you were going to write that the bossyness gets better at 3! My 2.5 is ALWAYS telling us which way to go in the car (“go that way, turn left, go straight, NOOOOO…GO THAT WAY!”).

    Your girls are definitely stinkin’ cute! Like must always be an adventure at your house!

  4. Jody W. Says:

    One time I was traveling with my carseated baby and a teenaged relative in back and didn’t realize there was an issue until I looked in the back and saw the teenager HOLDING the baby in her lap.

    We pulled over pretty darn quickly. I had more than a few choice words to say.

    My kid (now 7) will burst into tears if I put the car in drive before she gets her seatbelt buckled. Perhaps the chewing out I gave her cousin that fateful day scarred her for life?

  5. debbie Says:

    Yes, your babies are stinkin cute. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more smiley little one than Sabrina.
    I feel like i know your kids too. I love your blog, it always makes me smile.
    My “dumb ass” mom moments are too long to list………

  6. Michelle Says:

    Were you at the consignment sale at the Factory at Franklin?? My 3 year old son got so upset by that crazy spider on Tuesday morning that we had to take the other way out of the sale. And that is all he has talked about all week.

    I love the kids clothing store at the front of the building, sooo cute!! The prices are NOT!!!

  7. Bobbi Says:

    They are pretty stinking cute!!!

    Oh, you are always good for a chuckle. How many times have I not buckled my child?? More than we should count. I even did it when they were rear facing. I still didn’t win the MOY award!! There was one time where Joe was going for Father of the Year, and buckled Cassie into her seat, just didn’t buckle the seat into the car. She was about a year old. We took a corner, and lets just say we realized it wasn’t buckled!!

    Poor Sabrina. She will need therapy for the spider issues. I am with her!!! don’t you know a princess doesn’t like spiders:>)

  8. Ansley Says:

    Too funny. Maybe we should all start a big group therapy fund for all of our kids so they can talk out all of our less-than-stellar parenting moments. My husband and I have already started a catalogue of things that we think will definitely come up in therapy!

    Oh, and your two are definitely so stinkin’ cute!

  9. Liz Says:

    : ) Wow! I think Izzy and Sabrina would have a blast talking NON-STOP to each other about their intense fear of spiders while bossing everyone else in room around.

    I actually tell Izzy (all of the time) that she is not the boss. I then will ask her “Who is the boss?” and her very quick response is “Mommy and Daddy!” It is so funny.

  10. Kelly M Says:

    Stinkin’ cute is right–Adorable.

  11. Jenny Says:

    Of course you do!

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