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48 weeks and 5 days to go

September 29th, 2009

p1000646Three is going to be a very long year.  Sabrina is spectacularly 3.  She is full of attitude and sass.  She knows it all and isn’t shy to correct you when you get it wrong (or at least wrong by her 3 year old estimation).  Every slight correction to her behavior results in much whining and flailing and crying and drama.  Oh the drama.  She is bossy and refuses to leave Tessa alone.  Poor Tessa – if we are looking Sabrina will hip bump her so that she falls down or gets of out the way.  If we aren’t looking, she simply takes her by the hand and pulls her shirt so that she falls over.  Sabrina answers every question with “NO!”.  She could be in the desert dying of thirst and if I asked her if she wanted water she would yell “NO!”  She talks ALL DAMN DAY.  Seriously, if she isn’t making words, she is making repetitive noises to annoy mommy.  I don’t know how anyone can talk that much.  Steve, who thinks that Sabrina hung the moon, was ready to throttle her by Sunday afternoon this weekend because she had been so exceptionally 3 all weekend.  And then just when we are ready to lock her in a closet until 3 is over, she does something incredibly cute and sweet.  Welcome to 3.

Here she is in her Ariel night gown, holding her Nemo fish, watching Dora.  (We don’t even have many character items but they all ended up in this photo.)  I think it was the only time she was quiet this day.


And poor Tessa wants to know why her sister gets to have fun at the playground while she is stuck in the stroller.   (Hint: Sabrina doesn’t eat the mulch.)


If you notice every is wearing long sleeves and pants – it feels like fall in Nashville today.  A high of only 68 – loving it!


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17 Responses to “48 weeks and 5 days to go”

  1. elle Says:

    3 was enough to drive me crazy. I swore that if we ever adopted again I was going straight for a 4 year old.

  2. mama k Says:

    We are right in the middle of the 3′s over here too. My already “spirited” and high-energy child has taken the drama to a whole ‘nother level. I feel like I am living with a tiny teenaged boy.

  3. Alleen Says:

    I feel your pain, I feel your pain!!! And the talking????? oh.my.gosh. To think my child was in speech therapy for a year for being so late to the talking game. Now? Wont.shut.up. We have trouble with mealtime not because she is a picky eater, but because she won’t stop talking long enough to put it in her mouth and then to chew it.

    And the bossiness is such fun, isn’t it? How about the “I can do it”?

    Hang in there. We’re all in for a wild ride through the threes. And like you said, just when you think you can’t take another second of it, they make you melt with their cuteness.

  4. typelittlea Says:

    My Sabrina never shuts up either. :-)

  5. Kerry Says:

    3 has always been harder for my guys than 2. I don’t really get the expression terrible twos but could totally apply it to three. On the up side I also love the level of communication one can have with a three year old – and their ability to understand, sass and all. Sabrina could not be any cuter. You may be locking her in that closet until she is 30. :)

  6. Dana Says:

    This post is so funny! I was thinking about emailing you on Sunday/Monday because Serenas behavior was sooooooooooo 3. She knew everything! Didn’t want anything I offered her, said no no no all day, whined all day until I thought I’d pull all my hair out and just plain bossy bossy bossy. I can’t imagine the teenage years, could they be worse?? I wanted someone to talk to who was in the exact same boat as me. I know that’s you from the way you describe Sabrina. Serena doesn’t talk as much but I’m still getting alot of why which is exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, I’d never change anything about her but it’s these damn 3′s! How to deal with it?? I have another 9 months of this!

  7. Bobbi Says:

    Oh, it is like my days too!! Yes, the drama is quite something. I love the face that he makes and if you ignore the screams then he steps them up!! But, I am usually able to talk him down too. OH, and the cuteness. Gets hi everytime. He is beyond sweet and his smile……oh, that smile!
    Speaking of smiles, that last pic of Sabrina is priceless!! She is seriously beautiful. She is quite the Daddy’s girl, isn’t she???
    Nina better look out, Tessa is getting bigger, and she will have payback for all those “little bumps”

  8. Nikki Says:

    Right there with you on the “3′s”. I just posted about it!!!!

  9. jane Says:

    We’ve got 2 months to go before my girl hits three…but she’s already doing a lot of the things you described. I especially enjoyed your (and Alleen’s) comment about won’t. stop. talking. It’s a constant battle here – as are the repetitive noises! Drives me crazy!! Cara didn’t start talking until 22 months – I laugh now because we were concerned about it!
    NO! is her immediate answer to anything I ask – then as soon as I start doing something else or God forbid, SIT DOWN – the answer is YES! I need it NOW!!!! Oh and “I do it MY.SELF” is repeated over and over again, too.
    No one has mentioned OCD behavior…we seem to choose one activity and dwell on it for a few days at a time. It might be play dough – or hopscotch… This week is cutting paper with scissors. It’s ALL she talks about and all she wants to do. Every. Waking. Hour. Mommy must sit and participate at all times. And you all are telling me I have at least 14 months of this behavior and more?? At least I know there are others in the same boat!

  10. Jamie Says:

    3 is an “interesting” age. That’s all I’ll say.

    Do you want me to send you a bottle of wine? or five? ;)

    My Miss A is 4 and she makes up crazy songs all the time. I think she’s going into songwriting.

    p.s. your girls are adorable…I love Sabrina’s pirate girl shirt!

  11. Becky Says:

    Tabitha isn’t 3 until January and already has most of the behaviors you described. How about the “endless loop” of saying something if she doesn’t get what she wants or the “I do it!!” and will undo what you have done, if you happen to forget that and do it over—like getting dressed. So I can see I am going to get NO reprive from this! Yikes, I’m ready to pull my hair out now!

  12. Burgh Baby Says:

    Bwahahahaha! Just think, you get to do three all over again in a couple of years!

  13. nora Says:

    Holy Crap – you JUST explained Julia to a T! My favorite is when we ask Julia if she wants “XYZ” and she says “NO! I Want XYZ!” Right, we just asked you that. “No! I want XYZ!” Whatever. And last night Julia spilled her milk ALL over the carpet because she decided to stand in her chair at dinner. THEN said that spilling the milk was Cecilia’s fault and she needed a Time Out because it was Cecilia standing in her chair. Really? I was looking at you, asking you to sit down and now you are telling me a total “story.” Right.

    Awesome. 3 years old is the BEST birth control EVAH!

  14. Stephanie Says:

    Ohmygosh. I think my little guy turned three this week even though he is only 2.5. Nobody warns you about THREE!! The other night he was taking a bath and playing with those foam alphabet letters. He held up the “Q” and says “What’s this mommy?” I said, “That’s the letter Q.” He says, “NO IT’S NOT.” Me: “Oh! Well, what do YOU think it is?” Him: “Ummm…the letter Q.” With a big sigh and forced smile, I say “You are right, that is the letter Q.” He says: “NO, it is not Q.” An even bigger sigh and less smile, “Okay, what is it?” Him: “It’s a letter.” Okay, I gave up and left the bathroom for a moment! He also does the same that Nora describes. “I want XYZ.” Me: “Okay, here is XYZ.” Him: “NOOOOOO, I want XYZ.” Oh boy.

    So, do we get to look forward to 4? :)

  15. Kelly M Says:

    That is too funny- I feel your pain. Or I felt your pain I should say. 4 isn’t all that rosy either, so far!

  16. carla Says:

    I miss our emails.

    thankful youre blogging!

  17. Kim Says:

    Try two 3s and a 2. It’s enough to make me want to run away on a daily basis.

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