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Old School – sort of

October 2nd, 2009

tvBeing married to a geek means that my husband is able to make all sorts of complex networks work (most of the time).  We have wireless networks and computer networks and I don’t know what.  And things talk to each other.  I just know that there are a lot of wires, receivers and, anytime something stops working or needs moved, a lot of cussing.

The fall TV line up means there isn’t anything on 5 nights a week but the other 2 nights have decent stuff all overlapping.  Our TiVo is old enough that we can’t record one channel while we watch another (he did voodoo once ot make it work but has since declared it “impossible”).  My old TV is upstairs so we started watching Supernatural upstairs while Grey’s Anatomy (yes I said I was done with it during the whole sex with dead Danny thing but after some drunk dialing, we are back together) records downstairs.

Our cable box upstairs started acting up last week.  My husband played around with it but it wasn’t working.  My completely un-technical solution was to suggest to Steve that he plug the cable directly into the TV so that we could watch the show and figure it out later.  You know – go old school.  No cable box, no Tivo, just cable straight into the TV.  Steve initially ignored my suggestion so I said it again because we were missing the show.  Steve’s response, in a slightly patronizing tone?  “That won’t work.  How would the TV know what channel to be on?”

Isn’t that cute?  He’s so far into the technical details he forgets that TVs possess more than 1 channel when not plugged into cable boxes and TiVos.

I love you honey.  “No I said hand me a left door.”

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4 Responses to “Old School – sort of”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    HA!!! Joe can’t even turn the TV on, let alone figure any of that stuff out!! I think that is a riot, though. Something to hang over his head for awhile

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Ha! Too funny. We have the same problem with our DVR. If we are recording two different shows, we can’t watch anything else. It is maddening to me! And, of course all of our favorite shows are also on the same two nights! Sheez! (It’s a pathetic dilemma, isn’t it?)

  3. Merlot Says:

    Yup, I love my TIVO type thing (my brother built it and it’s free, yeah!). We’re getting new carpet and I had to unhook the TV and the DVR (OH NO!). I actually called my brother and asked him to tape House for me so I don’t miss it…pretty pathetic.

  4. Rhonda Says:

    LMBO been there, done that!

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