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October 15th, 2009

I took the girls to the pediatrician today.

Tessa is up to 19lb 6oz (8th %tile) and 29 inches (18th %tile).  Her head is in the 60th %tile – she is her daddy’s girl in that way.  Between her continued growth and her starting to eat table food, the doctor has called off the crisis mode and says she is perfect. I could have told him that.



Sabrina is firmly in the lower middle portion of the growth charts.  She is 29lbs 4oz (31st %tile) and 36.5 inches (31st %tile) which puts her BMI index in the 41st %tile.  The doctor also proclaimed her perfect. Again, not news to us.



Sabrina got the flu mist/up the nose vaccine.  They were out of the infant flu shots.  I’ve exchanged email with several folks about the H1N1 vaccine.  The office didn’t have it in yet so it was a moot worry on my part.  But the doctor, who I adore, did discuss it with me when I admitted to being on the fence about it.  I think he is doing his part to fight some of the hysteria and misinformation about it.  He asked what my specific concerns were and I admitted that I wasn’t entirely sure…I just have a general sense of malaise about it.  Basically, he said that if I trust the regular flu vaccine there is no reason to question the H1N1 vaccine because they are made the exact same way (using a strain of dead virus).  He wouldn’t give it if he didn’t feel it was safe.  I questioned the fact that they haven’t removed the mercury from the flu vaccinations (including the regular flu vaccine).  He said that there is a chemical (long word I can’t recall) that does contain a trace amount of mercury but that it was a really tiny amount.  I admitted that Tessa’s eating issues had started some concerns about the Autism spectrum in my brain and the mercury pushed that button for me.  He said he understood that and reiterated that it was a tiny amount and said that there is a vaccine (I believe regular flu…not sure about the H1N1) which has none of that chemical and therefore no mercury.  So there you have it – I promised I would share what he had to say.  As for my feelings?  I am still a little skeptical of it but if pushed would probably fall on the side of getting them vaccinated.  I think.  Or not.  Honestly, I was relieved that they didn’t have it so that I didn’t have to decide today.

Some days it is hard being the grown up and having to make the decisions for the 2 most important little people in my world.


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11 Responses to “Growing”

  1. Angie Says:

    I am still debating about the H1N1 vaccine too. I am leaning towards not getting it for Gabbie but since she is in daycare I should probably get it. It is so hard deciding and I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I did get her the flu shot this year which I normally skip and she did just fine.

    Gabbie and Sabrina are about the same size. Gabbie is 28 pounds and 38.5 inches. Our girls are petite! I love the pictures of Sabrina and Tessa! The last one is cute of them playing together!

  2. Marcia Says:

    Tessa & Sabrina = 100%ile for cute.

  3. Debra Says:

    We were at the peds office today for sick visit. Luckily it is only a ear infection but since Alexis is in preschool/daycare I couldn’t take the chance. She got the flu mist at her last appt. But I did ask about the h1n1 today. They didn’t have in stock either, but I am on the fence with you. So our doctor is an adoptive mom with her own 2yo Guatemalan Princess. So I asked her are you giving it to your daughter and she said yes. But she also told that at the start of this crisis she was not. She is seeing 100′s of kids with h1n1 so that has changed her mind. She hasn’t hospitalized anybody yet but she is afriad it will be a toddler when she does. So now I guess I stalk the office waiting for it to arrive. Sabrina & Alexis are the exact same size. Perfect with the same 3 year old antics. Loved the crown & wand idea, we need a “no whining princess” in our house and the more patient mommy. Kudos to Tessa for branching out, yea to no more baby food!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for posting the info! I’m still on the fence. I know our pediatrician’s office recommends it, but I still don’t know. I hate that there is some mercury in there, but then again, didn’t we all have mercury in our shots when we were kids?

    Hopefully there will be more info. out in the next month for reactions to the shot.

    Glad they confirmed your kids were perfect…like you didn’t alread know:) They are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Bobbi Says:

    That last pic should be your christmas card pic!! What a gorgeous shot of the two of them playing together!!

    I am still pretty unsure of the flu vaccine in general. It is so hard to know what is right/wrong/fear, isn’t it???

    I agree, your girls are PERFECT and absolutely adorable

  6. Rhonda Says:

    We waited until the doctor’s office got in the flu vaccine in for the kids which they too swore it had no mercury in it. Still waiting for Katie to get healthy enough to get hers! Not sure about the swine flu one either. I’m with you though and it does drain the brain trying to make the right decisions for our precious babies.

  7. Sonia in MO (FTC) Says:

    You voiced everything I was thinking about the h1n1 vaccine… I go back and forth every day as to whether to have Hannah get it or not. Last night on the news they were saying a local teenager had the h1n1 and died from it, so I was all panicked to get Hannah the shot… this morning I just want to keep her cocooned at home until next spring, away from pre-school, Wal-mart, and everywhere else there is germs. Not very realistic, I know… but darn making these decisions is so draining sometimes!!!

  8. debbie Says:

    I am glad I am not alone in my hesitation. Thank you for posting your information.
    I have never gotten the flu shot. Nor have my girls. This year I feel tons of pressure and I just don’t know what to do. I’ve talked to the Dr, the nurses where I work, and I still am not sure what I’ll do.
    Earlier this year I asked our pediatrician why it was such a big deal to get the flu shot (not H1N1). Never had it when I was growing up and we all survived. Why take the risk that your body, or your childs, may have a bad or horrible reaction to it?
    She explained that it became a big deal because so many seniors were dying of flu related complications. If they can stop or slow down the spead of flu, then it saves many seniors lives that are unable to survive it. I guess the statistics prove the decline in flu related deaths in seniors and it’s remarkable.
    I’m not saying that any of that is fact, but it’s how it was explained to me.
    Still don’t know what I’m going to do though. What if my child is the one who has the horrible reaction to it?
    It IS tough having to make decisions for the two most precious little people in your world!

  9. Julie P Says:

    YEAH S&T! So glad they are “officially” perfect and healthy. Thanks for posting the vaccine stuff – it is hard and stressful. I agree with the pps that the pic of them playing together is fabulous!

  10. Rachel Says:

    I wanted to comment on the poster above…I too change my mind pretty much every day:)

  11. laura k. Says:

    thimersol – that’s the mercury containing component in the flu shot that they have not yet removed.

    it was a huge debate in our house this year regarding the flu shots…….it is such a scary job sometimes having to be a grown up!

    glad to hear your little girls are doing so well!

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