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If we get snowed in I can bake something

January 7th, 2010

My lovely mother in law gave me a very generous gift card in my stocking this year.  Know what I did with it? I bought myself an appliance.  Isn’t it pretty?  (My Target only carries white so I didn’t have to struggle with deciding between the aqua, apple green, orange, yellow or cherry red because I’ve never been able to decide which I love more.)


Yes, I am officially a dork.  I tried out the dough hook yesterday.  Wanna see what I made?


They were supposed to taste like Aunt Annie’s.  They were good but they weren’t Aunt Annie’s.  With a little more salt and a lot more butter they probably would have been pretty close.

For almost a week, they’ve been talking about us getting snow today.  Tuesday they treated the roads in anticipation.  (Yeah, I have no idea why they did it 48 hours ahead of time.)  Yesterday, before flake had fallen, they closed almost every school in the area for today.  This morning, nothing.  It started snowing around 8:30 – now almost 2.5 hours later, this is what got the kids a snow day:


That screaming you hear? That is my 10 year old self who had to put on my snow boots, gloves, scarf, and big old parka and trudge down the snow covered drive way to the bus stop walked to school up hill both ways in hip deep snow because we never got a snow day.

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13 Responses to “If we get snowed in I can bake something”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Wow, that is crazy about the snow day. We’ve got more than a foot right now and it’s still coming down, AND…the kids are at school. lol.

    Those pretzels look amazing! AND…I’ve got a Kitchen Aid, with an underused dough hook. Mind sharing your recipe?

  2. Michelle Says:

    I added 2 or 3 Tbs of butter to the dough per reviewer suggestions and brushed with butter and sprinkled salt prior to baking.

  3. Ruthie Says:

    Snow days with no snow…it’s one of the joys of being a southerner!!

  4. Mama K Says:

    I LOOOOOOOVE my kitchen aid!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is all.

  5. Deanna Says:

    Ooooooooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nuf said about the Kitchen Aid, my fingers type with envy!
    Curses, I am again “disbelieving” of the Southern ways. I feel as if I am failing my Georgia roots being constantly shocked at the crazy down there. I take pride in my crazy Southern relatives (not the one who wanted to date me), but this is ridiculous.

  6. debbie Says:

    wow, I’m very impressed. Those are so purdy.
    Everything you do impresses me though.
    “Martha” she muttered under her breath.
    You had a parka and boots? Sheesh. I had to do the same thing barefoot! Just kidding.
    The same thing happens here in Oregon all the time. Either that or the exact opposite. They wait until there is freezing rain, a sheet of ice and 6 inches of snow before they decide it’s a snow day.

  7. Becky Says:

    Yep, sounds like South Carolina last year when they cancelled school not once, but twice before flake ever fell. The first time we got snow that stuck on the grass, not the roads and lasted until the sun came out. The second time not a single flake fell! We had snow predicted last night……none! This time though, the schools didn’t cancel. As a child I would have loved a snow day with no snow. Now as an adult who has to go to work, a snow day for school, means daycare is closed…..not good.

  8. tonya Says:

    I love that thing! I want one too but would have a hard decision to make with the colors.

  9. Bobbi Says:

    I have always sworn that I will buy my children a kitchen aide when they move out!! It is the best investment ever!! I can’t imagine lie without it. I want one o those yummy pretzels!!

    HA!! Love your snow day. That is too funny. We live in Maine, we get snow, and they still cancel/freak when we get an inch. When I was a kid, I remember going in the snow to school. Snow days were a freak occurence, not a regular thing!!

  10. carla Says:

    I laugh that I never make ANYTHING (ok few things) where Id need that mixer and yet Ive always longed for one…

  11. Sonia in MO (FTC) Says:

    I received my KitchenAid as a gift a few years ago (red – but all my small kitchen appliances are red!) and don’t know what I did before without it. LOVE it. Haven’t tried pretzels yet but after reading your post I think I have to. Those look SO yummy!!

  12. Burgh Baby Says:

    You call that snow? Pshaw. The South is ruining you.

  13. Liz Says:

    I love my Kitchen Aid mixer. I use it almost every day. I bought the white one too. Although I really want the green one. Today anyway.I am sure that will change. Pittsburgh is paralyzed because of the snow. I hate it. I am so ready to move back to the south~!

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