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Sabrina twirls

January 14th, 2010

p1020150 Sabrina received this outfit for Christmas (complete with a sparkly pink headband but I’m not sure where she put it).  She was so excited when she saw it on top of the clean laundry basket this morning (those laundry fairies that appear and make thing magically clean while you sleep ROCK!).  She wanted to wear it and happily pulled up the skirt (she really needs another couple of pounds to make it stay up well).  When we came downstairs, she glowed at her Daddy.  She started twirling (her favorite form of dance).  Then demanded a song to accompany her twirling.

Sabrina has been supremely 3 this week.  We had several mornings that began with uber time-outs (the ones that escalate into her going back to bed to calm down) before breakfast even got started.  She has tested my patience at every turn this week.  Her new favorite response to any request (things like “let go of your sister) is “No, I can’t!”  And she will respond with escalating volume and intensity with each request made.  Followed by yells of “No, I can’t!” when she is then directed to go to time-out.

p1020151Eating isn’t the issue it used to be – but only because we’ve chosen not to make it one.  She still eats incredibly slowly.  She knows when dinner is over that we take her plate.  Some nights she eats, others she does not.

She has decided she doesn’t like anything lately.  The things she does like change hourly.  One night she might love the BBQ chicken and ask for seconds and thirds, but the next day when it is offered to her, she will declare she does not like it and refuse to eat it.

We have figured out a method to get her to eat most things.  You can’t make a big deal out of trying something new and yummy.  You can’t act like it is no big deal and just put it on her plate.  You must put it on your own plate and not offer her any.  When she asks what you are eating, you must be evasive and simply tell her she won’t like it.  She will then insist that she does like it.  You must again refuse so that she says she likes it and wants some.  Then you may offer to share a bite with her.  At this point, it could be just about anything and she will insist she likes it and request a second and third bite.

You can not deviate from the process or it will fail.  Yesterday at snack time, I gave her a snack while I started to eat a clementine.  I deviated from the script – I didn’t tell her she wouldn’t like it and I allowed her a bite before her second request.  When I put her bite down on her plate, without touching it, she declared she didn’t like it.  I made her taste it and she begged to spit it out.  This morning, I peeled 2 clementines and sat next to her on the couch to eat them.  I followed the script and she ended up eating most of one – declaring it “delicious”.

As maddening as she can be, she is also the sweetest thing ever.  While I was sick (did I tell you it was strep? Not something I recommend as an adult), she would sing “Twinkle twinkle little star” to make me feel better and offer to kiss my throat.

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13 Responses to “Sabrina twirls”

  1. Becky Says:

    Your stories sound way too familiar. I’m experiencing the same stuff with Tabitha. I laugh and say that I’m sure Tabitha will live through her 3rd year of life just fine, it’s me who might not make it!

  2. dana Says:

    OMG I am living these same things everyday. So often we are on the same page (as I’m sure many others with 3 year olds are). The twirls, singing, dressing up in girlie stuff, the obstinance, morning attitude and how you have to get her to eat. If they were born in the same country I’d swear they were twins. Lately Serena says “I TOLD YOU……” and “I want it RIGHT NOW!” I’ve been trying to break her of these two sayings but she is a tough one.

  3. Mama K Says:

    Nice reverse psych! :)

    ah three. It’s been a rough one. My little guy has always been a great eater. Would try anything and eats as much as me. Almost overnight he is picky. I make a meal one day and he loves it, make it again and he refuses. Yesterday he spent 25 minutes screaming after he got up from his nap. (I sent him back to his room and told him he may come out when he calms down.) I am not exaggerating time either. I sat at the computer and looked at the clock while he laid in the doorway screaming for me to pick him up because he “needs help walking” Today? Totally pleasant and lovable.

  4. Alleen Says:

    sooooo familiar!

  5. debbie Says:

    Oh, the wonderful threes. Let me tell ya, the fours are even more fun. The same as three but with more drama and attitude than you can imagine.
    Can a 4 year old have PMS already? That’s gotta be it.

  6. Ansley Says:

    Okay, I may be saying this very prematurely, but Lily’s almost 4 and things are so much better now that she can reason a little better. I”m loving this age so far– the things that come out of her mouth are so funny. I think that having a four year old is the reward for having survived having a three year old.

  7. jane Says:

    Oh yeah…all too familiar.
    My little Southern Belle yells, “I cay-unt! I cay-unt” while rolling on the floor. And that eating thing…same here. She ate lasagna off my plate yesterday simply because I told her she wouldn’t like it and it was MINE! Parenthood isn’t for sissies.

  8. Stefanie Says:

    Wow – I feel so much better, everyone! My own little one (3.5, from Guatemala) would be best friends with Sabrina, I’m sure. I’ve been feeling like we’re escalating into mental illness here, and apparently, all along, it’s just that’s she’s THREE! Thank you!


  9. Heather Says:

    i have the slow-eater over here too! but she does like everything…it just takes her 3 hours to finally eat it all (and she definitely needs the pounds on that skinny frame of hers)! Ugh!

  10. Ansley Says:

    Okay, after the last couple of days at our house, can I revise my comments? Maybe 5 is the age of reason. Can anyone confirm that?…..Anyone?

  11. Bobbi Says:

    I keep reminding myself that I survived three twice, but this might be the end of me! Seriously, there are days that I could cry he tests me so much. But, then at the end of the day I look at that sleeping angel and I remember why I love him so much!!

    I tried your trick the other day. Didn’t work for me. He agreed he wouldn’t like it!!!

    I love her outfit. She looks so proud of herself

  12. Rhonda Says:

    Oh gosh Michelle, she’s gotten sooooo grown up and just as beautiful as ever! Love that color. We are sooooooooo going through those “3′s” and I’m praying to make it to the 4′s!!!! Ugh

  13. Rhonda Says:

    Oh gosh Michelle, she’s gotten sooooo grown up and just as beautiful as ever! Love that color. We are sooooooooo going through those “3′s” and I’m praying to make it to the 4′s!!!! Ugh

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