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Snow! (No, really this time)

January 30th, 2010

We mock with love but we just can’t stop laughing when Nashville cancels school at the prediction of snow.  Earlier this month, they closed school for 2 days and we ended up getting 1/2 an inch of snow.  So when they called off school for Friday before a flake had fallen, we chuckled.  We woke up Friday morning to our normal brown and green January landscape.  Steve left for work.  Then around 10:30 am it started.  A real snow storm.  Up north this amount of snow wouldn’t close schools most likely but without plows and salt, it closed down the entire area.  It took Steve over 2 hours to get home (23 miles).  The mall closed.  Area businesses closed.  A friend’s son hurt himself and she found that all medical clinics in our town were closed and she would have to take him to the hospital 15 miles north or hope he would be okay until everyone reopened.  It also brought out the entire neighborhood to play.  Parents and kids – there were no fewer than a 15 people playing in front of our house yesterday afternoon. It was quite exciting.  Sabrina had a ball.


Tessa was pouting that she didn’t get to go out and play.  (I don’t have boots for her and she has a runny nose.)


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One Response to “Snow! (No, really this time)”

  1. Laura Says:

    I completely agree with Tessa. It is not fun to be stuck inside while everyone plays!

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