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Party like it is 1995

March 26th, 2010

medeeI’ve slacked on posting again so I’ll catch you up in bullets:

* After telling her to suck it up for 24 hours because she has fooled me in the past, I took Sabrina to the Minute Clinic and discovered she has an ear infection.  Mom of the Year Award nominations are open now.

* Instead of $4 antibiotics, we got an Rx for $111 antibiotic drops.  Lovely.

* Several people have asked about Tessa (thank you for thinking of her).  She is fine – we go back for a weight check next in about 10 days.

* Some of the seeds are sprouting our garden – quite exciting!

* I’ve been to Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby this week.  I went to a Premier Jewelry party last weekend that has me feeling crafty again.  I made myself a cute bracelet and wore it to bunco tonight.  One of the women from last weekend’s party asked if it was Premier.  I was tickled.  It takes very little these days.

* My husband is sweet for many reasons but this week he has been very tolerant of me getting out of the house.  Last night, I went out for an hour or two to Mom’s Night Out.  Tonight was Bunco.  Tomorrow…well tomorrow deserves its own bullet.

* Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with my BFF in Louisville (because it is half way between us not because we think Louisville is a hopping city…but it might be, who knows?).  We got ourselves a hotel room.  We plan to eat yummy meals without cutting up anyone’s food.  We plan to drink adult beverages without having to operate a motor vehicle or go home to care for small people.  We plan to sleep without interruption. We might stay up until the wee hours drinking or we might have 3 drinks and be passed out by 9pm.  Who knows?  Either way, a good time will be had by all.

* That photo up there is my BFF and I circa 1995 on vacation together back before husbands and kids.  Back then, everything we did together was an adventure and resulted in an epic story.  Perhaps we’ll add to the story vault this weekend.

* I think I still own that shirt.  I really need to go shopping.

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5 Responses to “Party like it is 1995”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Ohhhh have fun! My best friend and I started doing a girls’ trip every summer. Her birthday is in July and mine is in August. This reminds me we need to start planning ours SOON! ;)

    She has three boys (her oldest is 13). We usually just shop, eat, drink wine and watch a movie in the hotel and then SLEEEEEEEEP in. Oh I love that part LOL.

  2. Stacy Says:

    ahhhhh…. dinner without cutting up someone else’s food sounds SO relaaaaxxing! Have a great time!

  3. dana Says:

    I’ll be living vicariously through you tomorrow Michelle. To “be single” again……even if it’s only for a night………..aaaahhhhhh……sounds GREAT! Enjoy your time with BFF.

  4. jane Says:

    I’m with Dana…and I haven’t been out by myself for more than 1 hour in the past 2 years…Impatiently waiting for the full report. That drinking pic was just a tease.

  5. Laurie Mitchell Says:

    I love that you got girls time away…sounds heavenly and I am jealous! :) Wanted to make you feel better about the ear infection…when my son was old enough to know about ears hurting (about 8 or 9) he kept complaining that his jaw hurt. Never his ear but his jaw. Every hour … all …night … long …. I finally snapped after being up all night and said it was his molars coming in and he had to go to sleep. He had an annual check up scheduled for the next day and low and behold he had such a bad ear infection his ear drum burst!! Mother of the year right here!! :)

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