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Aquafina Flavor Splash

May 18th, 2010

Do you drink enough water?  A lot of us don’t.  I drink a good bit of water every day but I’m sure that I could benefit from less iced tea and giving up my occasional diet soda. Most of the water I drink is straight out of the tap (we are fortunate to have good tap water here) but as a treat I sometimes get a flavored water to enjoy instead of soda.

I was so excited to be selected as an ambassador for Aquafina’s Flavor Splash campaign.  Every week for 6 weeks they promised to send me a new flavor to try.  Yummy flavored water appearing at my door as if by magic every week?  Sign me up!

Last week, which was the first week, they sent Wild Berry flavor.  I honestly wasn’t looking forward to that flavor.  I’ve had it from other brands and always found it over powering and too sweet and fake.  But when I cracked it open, I was pleasantly surprised.  It smelled strong but the flavor was quite mellow and pleasant.  It was a hint of berry rather than being hit over the head by it.  I liked it.

This week?  My favorite: lemon. I love lemon flavored waters and Aquafina’s is no exception.  The lemon is a pleasant background flavor and quite refreshing.

If you would like to pick up some Aquafina Flavor Splash, you can print out a $1 off coupon by clicking here and following the instructions.

Or you can leave a comment on my post here telling me what flavor you like when you drink flavored water (or that you’ve never tried it).  I have 1 coupon for a free 6 pk (I had fun last week giving out the rest to real life folks rather than my on line friends).  I’ll send that and a Wild Berry lip balm.  Just leave a comment by Friday morning at 8am central and I’ll do randomly pick a winner.

This post is in conjunction with a campaign with MomCentralI am receiving a 6 pack of Aquafina weekly for 6 weeks as well as some promotional items to give away.  I will also be compensated for my time with a gift card at the end of the promotion.  My opinions are my own.

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11 Responses to “Aquafina Flavor Splash”

  1. cmtmdt Says:

    I have never tried flavored water. Please enter me in the drawing for a coupon!

  2. Shannon Says:

    My favorite flavored water would have to be grape, although strawberry runs a close second.

    PS…your girls are adorable :) I remember you from AB when you were going through the process of adopting Sabrina…and look at you now!

  3. typelittlea Says:

    I like lemon and melon flavored propel (fitness water). I”m not normally a fan of mixed berry flavored anything.

  4. Alleen Says:

    I’ve always liked berry flavored water. I might have to start drinking it again to up my water consumption. I do pretty good, but could do better.

  5. Laurie Mitchell Says:

    My favorite Aquafina flavor is Citrus! Yum…I hope they send you a sample of that so you can try it!

  6. Rachael Says:

    I’m sure I’ve tried it, but I’m not a regular flavored water drinker. So…can’t really say a favorite, but will certainly try again if I win a freebie!

  7. Marcia Renert Says:

    I haven’t found a flavored water that I love. I also find them fake-tasting. But I do love seltzer –and in particular, lemon-lime or orange. Citrus & water=yummy!
    (Is the Aquafina sweetened? I think the unsweetened ones are better)

  8. Bobbi Says:

    Lemon? Really? I may have to try it. I have often found that the lemon waters smell and taste like pledge!! I usually like the Dasani strawberry, but this made me think I’ll try the aquafina flavors!!

    Ask anyone who goes anywhere with me. I drink plenty of water:>)

  9. Becky Says:

    I like the citrus flavors. I’m going to have to look for these.

  10. Mami2jcn Says:

    I love Aquafina stawberry kiwi!

  11. Martha Says:

    Not a fan but will give it a try. I drink gallons of bottled water every week, am a bit afraid to get hooked on anything more costly than the machines that dispense it for .30/gallon at the grocery store.

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