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Ballet is done

May 28th, 2010

The recital was adorable.  The lack of organization prior to that had 200 people standing in line for over an hour in a really hot hallway to sit down to watch the recital? Not so cute.  Entertaining a not quite 2 year old in the hallway of a high school for 90 minutes because they require the girls there ridiculously early? Not so much fun.  But the recital was so sweet I think I got cavities watching it.  So much cute in one place – GAH!  Sorry no video here.  If we are friends on facebook, you’ll find it there.

I can’t even get her to look at me and smile most days and they got a glamor shot.

This is Sabrina just before we left for her last dance class last week.  I have to be honest – I’m not going to miss the Wednesday struggle to get her into tights and make her hair stay in a bun while convincing her she likes going to dance class.  I’m also not going to miss trying to keep Tessa happy for 45 minutes in the tiny waiting area every week.  I did like some of the other moms so I will miss chatting with them.  But we will not be signing up for dance class again next  year.  I might put up with the expense and the hassle if Sabrina liked going but she was so indifferent that it is clear that dance isn’t her thing – at least for now.  Regardless, I am glad that we did it.  I never took classes like that as a child and I hope that my girls can discover what they are good at while they are young.

I think maybe tumbling/gymnastics might be our next pursuit – we’ll see.

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10 Responses to “Ballet is done”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Well at least you got some adorable pictures out of the experience! Can you imagine how much she’s going to roll her eyes when you whip those out for her high school graduation montage?!

  2. dana Says:

    Beautiful pictures of Sabrina! The recital must have been adorable.

  3. Jamie Says:

    That is the cutest bunny photo EVER!

    Caitlin, my oldest, did tap/ballet/jazz class in kindergarten and had two recitals. That was enough for us. ;)

  4. Becky Says:

    Michelle, I’m completely with you! Tabi took tap/ballet class. She got to where she’s whined every time before we went. She too was fairly indifferent about it. We’re taking a break for now, if she wants to do it again come this fall, we’ll sign up again, otherwise not. I didn’t get a chance to do dance either as a child. Oh take that back they had square dancing every Monday night (can you tell I was from a small midwestern town?)
    Sabrina’s pictures are adorable!

  5. Cass Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I think I just died a little. The cute in that bunny costume….I have no words.

  6. Bobbi Says:

    I still can’t get over the cuteness of that picture of her!! But, I am with you. If they don’t like it, or are indifferent it’s not worth it!! Cassie did gymnastics at her age and LOVED it!! But, social time for Mom is always kinda nice too:>)

  7. debbie Says:

    The pic of Sabrina with the carrot is off the cuteness charts. That is SO adorable.
    I didn’t sign up my little ones for dance, but we did do gymnastics, swimming and soccer. They loved gymnastics and swimming. Soccer, not so much.

  8. Shannon Says:

    She is the cutest little ballet bunny EVER!!!

  9. mamak Says:

    Well at least you got some freakin ADORABLE pictures out of the deal. :)

  10. Lulu Says:

    It’s time for swimming lessons! I don’t remember if you did that already, but the younger you learn, the better. And Brian & Marie’s oldest son (5) did gymnastics for a few months and he really liked it. Hope you find something both of you can get more excited about.

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