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Make it stop!

February 3rd, 2011

Odd moments make me stop and catch my breath at how quickly my girls are growing.  Tonight, we ordered pizza.  We let them eat at the coffee table and watch a movie (this is a big! deal!).  I was watching them and felt the sucker punch of reality – these girls aren’t babies anymore.  It might not resonate with anyone else but I had to grab my camera because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – such little people instead of babies or toddlers.

A friend’s little girl rode with us to school this morning.  On the way, Sabrina was chattering to her and told her that we were buying a new car for her so she could drive herself to school (no idea where this came from…I’m blaming Dora because I always blame Dora – in her mind, if a squirrel can drive, why not her?).  I laughed but in a blink of an eye she is going to be asking for that for real.

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6 Responses to “Make it stop!”

  1. Crystal Freemon Says:

    Stop talking about it. You’re gonna make me cry. I get enough crap from Megan about starting kindergarten. Going back to the land of denial now with my little babies. At least Kayla is on my side…she insists she’s still a baby.

  2. Bobbi Says:

    Well, she is 4 going on 16, right?!?!

    Sabrina is looking mighty grown up these days!! She looks older than four to me!

    Trust me, it does go fast. Cassie is twelve now, and she is so grown up, and mom isn’t her world anymore. It makes me sad. Treasure these moments. I know I have been more lately!!!

  3. Shannon Says:

    My daughter CONSTANTLY asks when she’ll be big enough to drive. She has it in her head that at her birthday (at the end of the month) she’ll be 4 and that is a BIG GIRL birthday and BIG GIRLS DRIVE. *sigh* I don’t know where they come up with this stuff!! But I’m with you, it flies by. One minute they’re your babies, next they’re real people. LOL

  4. Laurie Mitchell Says:

    I turned the big 4-0 this year, but for some reason my birthdays don’t seem to phase me. When my kids had “milestone” birthdays like 5 and 10 I freaked out a little. Time just goes so fast and so I just think wow…10 years already (or 5 years)…how did that happen? That was just a blink of an eye…and one more blink of an eye (or 3 more blinks) and he will be 20!…and I will be buying the car in 4 years…ouch! (My kids are now 8 1/2 and 12 1/2). Treasure every moment. You are such a great Mom and will be at every stage of their lives!

  5. Stefanie Says:

    Oh it resonates! I think we just never understood the significance of all that “they grow up so fast” talk before we actually had kids. I’m so struck at times by how I am simultaneously thrilled with the bigness of the 4 year old and devastated that I can’t hold that baby (or 1 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old) ever again.

  6. Kim Says:

    I’d take Lilly asking for a car. Lately she’s been asking when she can have a baby in her belly. I reply when she’s married. Her response is why do I have to wait till I’m married. Sign of what’s to come?

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