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February 14th, 2011

This is what you get when you wait until the Sunday night before Monday Valentine’s day to buy kids valentines.  I bought a box for Sabrina’s school party weeks ago but didn’t consider the MOMS Club party.  So I thought I would just pick some up at the store.  There were 2 boxes left on the shelf at Kroger.  One was pixie sticks and I just can’t do that to my friends.  So I went with the LifeSaver Gummies version.  (When I was a kid they sold plain old cards…now they all seem to contain candy, stickers, or tattoos.) The smashed, crumpled, shoved back in the corner last box of its kind.

Between snow and illnesses (mine then Tessa’s and now Sabrina’s), we’ve been stuck in the house for a very long time.  I got a little desperate and pulled out the crafts one day.  We made some heart garland and the girls were very proud.

Grandma is always good for some holiday themed goodies.  The girls love getting mail – especially when it contains presents.  I made them wait until this morning to open it.  They had a great time checking out their loot.  Mommy even let them have a lollipop after breakfast.

The weather has taken a turn for the better – it has been in the 60′s.  Unfortunately, illness still lingers so we haven’t been able to enjoy it much.  Today, Sabrina suddenly developed pink eye.  So off to the doctor we go in the morning.  Hope you all had a great Valentine’s day.

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One Response to “V-day”

  1. Julie P Says:

    Pink eye on Valentine’s Day, at least it is a holiday appropriate illness. But yuck and gross. I love Sabrina’s haircut – it is adorable, and nice job on the garland – it inspired me to decorate yesterday. I hope the rest of you manage NOT to acquire pink eye. Glad the weather is warmer – enjoy it!

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