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Preschool Competition

February 23rd, 2011

In my area, getting your children into preschool isn’t for the faint of heart.  You know the movies and sitcoms that joke about signing your child up for preschool while still in the womb?  Around here that wouldn’t be a bad idea.  It isn’t uber-competitive as in “My Johnny speaks 3 languages, walked at 4 months, and potty trained at 6 months.”  It is uber-competitive as in there are 250 preschool slots available locally but we have 679 toddlers who want to attend.  (I totally made up the numbers but the ratio feels right.)  There just aren’t enough spaces.

Your best bet is to find a brand new, not yet open, never heard of preschool and sign up immediately.  That was my strategy with Sabrina’s school.  It was only open for 3 months when I toured it and signed her up.  The other option seemed to be camping out like preschool is the new Springsteen ticket.  My girlfriends, Crystal and Rachel, got in line at 4:30am to get their kids into one of the local preschools.  And they weren’t the first ones in line! When the preschool opened at 8 to give out numbers to come back and sign up, there were approximately 50 people waiting for only a few slots.  They both got in since they were near the front of the line but how crazy is it that we have to go to such lengths to pay for the privilege of sending our children to preschool in a church basement?

I’m not in love with Sabrina’s school and it is a 20 minute drive one way so I let my opportunity to sign up Tessa (current students and siblings get first dibs) pass.  With Sabrina starting Kindergarten in the fall (I! Know! *SOB*), it wasn’t feasible to get both girls to school in 2 different places at the same time.  Despite the logistical nightmare it would have created, I started to feel a little panicky about Tessa not having a spot in school this year.  I was on the fence about her attending this year but was afraid if I didn’t get her in somewhere now, there wouldn’t be any spots open next year.  I put Tessa on a couple of waiting lists.  As a last ditch effort, I called a local school that a lot of my friends have used.  I figured one more waiting list.  To my absolute surprise, they had 2 spots open for 3 year olds next year.  I toured and wrote a deposit check the next business day.

Steve initially asked if 1) Tessa was ready to go to school and 2) I was ready for Tessa to go to school.  I wasn’t sure on either answer.  But during our tour, Tessa took off her coat and sat right down.  She picked up a crayon and scribbled.  Then went over to a little boy playing with the train tracks and joined in.  She threw a fit when I told her we had to leave.  So I guess she is ready.  I was happy to see her excited and overjoyed at having found an open class for her at a school I was comfortable with (without standing in line in the wee hours).  Then I got into the car and realized my baby will be going to preschool 2 days a week.  *Sob*  How did that happen?!?

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5 Responses to “Preschool Competition”

  1. jane Says:

    “…they had 2 spots open for 3 year olds next year.”
    HUH? Tessa can’t be more than 20 months old. How the heck is she getting into a 3 yr old class?? And what will do you all by yourself 2 whole days a week??

  2. dana Says:

    Yes it’s hard to realize your baby isn’t a baby anymore. I remember when Sabrina graduated from highchair to a booster seat, that was traumatic. Serena wanted nothing to do with a booster seat. Right into the grownup chair for her. It’s hard to see these changes. You will either learn to enjoy 2 days to yourself or plan for another baby. I wonder which will it be?

  3. Shannon Says:

    There are going to be a few hard weeks for you this fall, both babies out the door to school at the same time! But then you will realize you have 2 mornings a week to be a GROWN UP ALL BY YOURSELF! I bet you get over it pretty quick! :-)

    I can’t believe Sabrina is old enough for school. Seems like you just left for Guatemala last month.

  4. Bobbi Says:

    You will come to cherish it!! I can’t believe Sabrina will be in Kindergarten. It is sad and you feel so empty handed at first, but when you see their smiling faces when you pick them up you know it’s right. that is after you get over the, “they like school better than me” complex :) So been there. Reese will not be going to Kindergarten this Fall. He simply isn’t ready. With his articulation disorder, OT issues, and well, the fact that he still wears a 3T we are going to wait an extra year. I have mixed feelings about this. Sad that he has issues holding him back, and well, frankly, I am ready for it. BUT, I do get to have him with me for that extra time!!

    I am with you on the preschools. We don’t have those issues here, but I wouldn’t stand in line at night for one!!

  5. Jordana Says:

    Isn’t amazing how fast they grow? I can’t believe Tessa and my Juliana will be 3 this year. Ack! How is that possible?

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