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Slip sliding away

February 27th, 2011

We had a lovely weekend here in middle TN despite some rain.  We had warm temps and some sunshine.  The girls took advantage of the nice days to play outside.  The grown ups took the opportunity to clean out the garage.  Well Steve cleaned it out while I tried to keep the girls from helping.  They are growing up so quickly!  Tessa has especially been making big leaps forward after quite awhile of stagnation in the development arena.  She is learning to identify her letters.  Mama and dada became mommy and daddy this weekend.  She is trying new things physically.  And she is making more attempts to talk.

And Sabrina has mastered the art of belly swinging

And sliding head first:

Tessa isn’t quite tall enough for the belly swing move

They pick at each other 75% of the time but they can be so sweet together the other 25%.  Sabrina likes to be the big sister (actually she tries to be the mommy and I have to constantly remind her that I am the mommy).  How sweet is this? She is helping Tessa get strapped into her booster:

And here is what happens when mommy goes to the bathroom…I should have been suspicious when I didn’t have an audience. Rookie mistake:

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3 Responses to “Slip sliding away”

  1. Shannon Says:

    At least the stickers are on each other. I’ve turned my back to find stickers on the WALL and the furniture. I just found a Dumbo sticker on the bottom rung of a kitchen chair yesterday. Good grief!!! Plus they are so cute covered in hearts!!

  2. Bobbi Says:

    Stickers on the body remove MUCH easier than floors and walls!! :) AND, you went alone. It’s a fair trade
    Never been a fan of the belly swing. Made my belly hurt!! Glad Tessa is moving along in the developmental department. It’s hard to be patient, but she has a great big sister to teach her the ropes!! I sure do miss when my girls were little!!!

  3. Mera Says:

    Oh that made me laugh about the 75%/25% of the time. SO true girl! When they are mean, they are hateful, when they are sweet, they are so super sweet, you, if only for a moment, forget the screaming, and wrestling, and hair pulling…:) The girls are growing up so fast and they are both cute as can be!

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