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Over the hump?

September 9th, 2011

I’m knocking on wood as I type this but I think the worst is over.  This isn’t the first time I’ve discovered some parenting secret you all have kept from me.

Why didn’t anyone tell me what assholes kids are the first couple of weeks of school?

Sabrina had what seemed to be a raging case of PMS which started every day about 30 minutes after we walked in the door.  On the days Tessa had school, she became a whiny, cranky, pissed off mess about 10 minutes after we picked up Sabrina. Tuesday and Thursday nights were so miserable the first couple of weeks that I couldn’t even enjoy the 5 blissful hours I got to myself because I was dreading picking up the beasts.  I know they were tired and getting used to a new routine – I cut them some slack because of that but DAY-UM.

This is the end of week 3 and while it is by no means rainbows and unicorns up in here, after school isn’t as bad.  I love listening to Sabrina give me a disjointed accounting of her day over dinner.  And Tessa is so proud of the art and worksheets she brings home.

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12 Responses to “Over the hump?”

  1. Brigid Says:

    Kids are assholes the first few weeks of school. :)

    We plan for EARLY bedtimes, little outside stuff, and EARLY bedtimes. Did I mention EARLY bedtimes? We’re over the hump too. Friday nights are still confusing because we all feel the week is over, but the 4-year-old especially is pooped from the week.

  2. Dana Says:

    I can so relate to this Michelle. They will grow out of this stage once they get used to the change. At first Serena would be fine when I picked her up and by the time we got to the car the monster would rear it’s head….”I don’t want to go home, I want to go somewhere….wwaaaaaaa.” After working all day I CAN’T WAIT to get home…….more “wwaaaaaaa” all the way home and until dinner was over. Exhausting. Hopefully they’ll get used to it soon. What they really want while they’re being beasts is your attention, love and understanding. It’s hard but the love will calm the savage beasts. Your girls are adorable in case I haven’t mentioned that lately.

  3. Gibb Says:

    That is the beauty of full time preschool/pre-k. It prepares them for what school is like and the transition is almost seemless. Note that I said almost!

  4. Priscilla Says:

    Remembering the facebook thread from the Spring about this! I find the force feeding of protein in the car after school, on the way home, cuts down on the extreme grumpiness!

  5. starfish Says:

    OMG I said the same thing – I mean literally – using the word asshole and everything! It was a rough week, even he said so – and we instituted an earlier bedtime along with having him help get things ready the night before to avoid arguments in the morning – so far its helping. I wasnt sure if was turning 5 or starting school, but it has been ROUGH!

  6. Ashley Says:

    We did preschool 3x a wk last year…. and I completely forgot that Madeline NEEDS me to shut up and not talk to her on the way home from school. She needs to come home, chill out.. and just take a breather. Last week was our first week starting again, and PHEW.. it was bad. The first night she had a tantrum for 1.5 hrs on and off. She was so pooped.. hoping this wk will be better.. Maybe I will try bringing a snack for her in the car.

  7. Elle Says:

    We didn’t tell you because it is something all mothers must endure. Advance warning is an unfair advantage ;)

    Yes, the children are assholes. Tip #1: give them food the second they walk in the door. Tip #2: limit the amount of time they play with other children after school (this is my personal challenge). Tip #3: put them to bed early.

    They hold their shit together for so long at school they have to let it out somehow and Mom always gets the brunt of it.

  8. Shannon Says:

    THANK GOD you said something. I’ve been complaining to my hubby that Emily has turned into a royal B lately. I thought my kid was doing side work for Satan! Sheesh. Now that I know it’s a common affliction, I maybe won’t kill her this week. LOL I don’t WANT to kill her, but as you said, DAY UM!

  9. Pattie Says:

    My princesa fits the description perfectly! I spent half the summer telling the sitter to NOT give her a nap so that she would go to bed at a decent time. After the first week of school, I told the sitter that effective immediately, C needs to come in, have lunch, and sleep for at least an hour before they go to get big brother. Holy cow, the tantrums, screaming and ranting have been terrible. And, she’s getting up during the night, too! It’s been really rough, since I only see her in the evening on school nights. I NEED my sleep…UGH! Good news is that my son is doing fantastic with Kindergarten this year. Full days and he comes home ready to talk all about his day. He’s pleasant and falls asleep quickly at bedtime. I’m praying it’s a developmental thing, and not a boy-girl thing!!!

  10. Jane Says:

    Yeah. Enjoying a meltdown as I write.
    I think bedtime will be 6:15 pm tonight.
    Mommy happy hour commences at 6:30.

  11. Alleen Says:

    Yup, as per my FB status earlier today, mine is being quite the a-hole in the afternoons. And she’s been going to bed at 7:30 these days. But, getting up before the sun is just no fun for anyone.

  12. Bobbi Says:

    It’s me that is melting down!!! But, yes, the days are long, and Reese has been crankier than usual.

    Most nights we aren’t home and settled much before 8 now with sports and such. I have been a tired mess myself. Now, I have a nasty cold that is kicking my butt!! Tonight is the rare occasion that looks like we should all be home by 6:30, and eat a real dinner together……..and get to bed on time!!!

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