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Christmas: The Lost Photos

January 16th, 2012

I realized that I hadn’t posted many photos from Christmas and that a few people (like my mom) might be interested. So a photo filled post is ahead – click away if it doesn’t interest you. My photo quality isn’t great. I hate using my flash so many of my photos weren’t great quality (no flash indoors = dark and blurry). There are more photos of Tessa than Sabrina because Sabrina was way too busy being a big kid with her older cousins to hang out where mommy and daddy were.

Tessa really got the whole unwrapping and gift thing this year. It was fun to watch her.

Grandma always gets the kids special fancy Christmas outfits.

Tessa wouldn’t stand still for me to get a photo of hers.

Sabrina wanted this Hello Kitty gumball machine so badly and was thrilled to see it under the tree. (Her mouth is stuffed full of gumballs in this photo.)

The Innotabs were a hit. But holy cow do they eat batteries. They each went through 6 set of 4 AAs before we bought cords and told they to sit near the wall.

Sabrina was so excited about her cool color hair extensions from Aunt Rusty – and her manicure.

Poor Tessa got sick during our trip and spent a few days throwing up and sleeping.

We celebrated Steve’s birthday on New Years Day.

Then we celebrated Christmas again when we got home.

Remember Fashion Plates? Loved those things! This is the closest I could find. It doesn’t have nearly as many variations but Sabrina thinks they are fun.

Sabrina is pure girl. She loves purple and sparkle so these shoes made her very happy.

And Tessa wasn’t left out of the sparkle fest. And yes, she did get some new jammies that aren’t capris on her.


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2 Responses to “Christmas: The Lost Photos”

  1. Anne Says:

    Cute! Happy New Year:)

  2. Bobbi Says:

    My parents buy the kids Christmas outfits each year as well. As Cassie gets older, they are a little more simple for her, but Reese LOVES going to get his “tress” (Suit, but the kid has two older sisters!!) Krista starts picking hers out in October.

    Enjoyed the pictures, and wow Sabrina sure is looking like a big kid!!!

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