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Hey good looking, whatcha got cooking?

January 24th, 2012

I’ve been cooking weird shit. Really. We discovered this vendor at the farmer’s market that has the most amazing smoked sausage which led me down the google path to gumbo. And it was good but definitely not a 30-minute meal. But I was rather proud of myself – I did pretty well for a yankee with inferior ingredients (no tasso and not real Louisiana sausage. I used an Emeril recipe as a guide because I figure Emeril must know gumbo.


At some point, I realized how much money I am spending on yogurt a month and almost passed out. The girls eat 1 a day at $.60 each and I eat it probably 4 days a week. It adds up. So I got on a kick to make my own. The first batch was way soupy. But tasted pretty good. The second batch was just right after I strained it through a little cheesecloth. Of course the girls both hate it. So I’m really only saving on my yogurt habit. But it is kind of fun to make my own – feels kind of like I have a super power. (Why yes, I am a dork.) I make it in the crockpot. I used greek yogurt as my starter. And I pay attention to the temp when I add the starter – needs to be around 115-120 degrees.

We’ve been catching up on Hawaii Five-0.  We had 7 episodes backed up on our DVR. On one epidsode, they were eating something called loclo moco that sounded yummy. So I decided to make it. Basically it is a hamburger patty over some rice with a little brown gravy and an egg on top (I added peas because I needed something green on the plate). I found it very boring – was hoping it might be more than the sum of its parts but in this case it didn’t turn out that way.

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4 Responses to “Hey good looking, whatcha got cooking?”

  1. KimN Says:

    I make my own yogurt too and I LOVE it! I do mine with a heating pad and two bowls and add some vanilla in it. So good, I won’t eat store bought again. No one else in my house eats yogurt so I’m the only one that eats it too. I agree, it is fun and brings a certain satisfaction. Plus, its delicious with homemade granola.

  2. Cass Says:

    I’ve been thinking about the yogurt a lot and I think I’d feel the superpower ability too….I may just do it for that. :-)

  3. Andrea Says:

    We had the loco moco when we were in Hawaii this past fall, and I am convinced it’s the gravy that makes it so goo. There’s something magical about it, and I cannot replicate it here in AZ. Hubby had his with fried spam, which was actually pretty good (gasp!). But the brown gravy over french fries?? Ah-may-zing!

  4. debbie Says:

    Totally unrealted post here. I finally got invited to join pinterest. I thought I was pinning to my boards only, but apparently I wasn’t. I pinned your cute Christmas gifts ornaments out there. Kinda lame since it is February, but I just wanted you to know. Sorry if that was my bad. Let me know if you don’t want me to do that again and I won’t.

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