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I’m alive

June 29th, 2007

Life has been beyond hectic this week – hence the lack of posting action on my end of things.  I am still running a bit of a fever (yes sitting here in Nashville in sweats, a sweatshirt, and wrapped in a blanket in late June like a freak) and have a killer headache but otherwise am feeling better.  We weren’t able to fit everything in our truck last weekend so we are headed back to Pittsburgh this weekend to pack up the last few things and clean up the house so it can go on the market (it is actually officially listed now but no showings until next week).

Several of you asked for photos of the new place.  Here is our dining room:


And here is Sabrina’s nursery:


Heh.  I’ll post some real photos once more of the boxes disappear.

Steve had his first new dad gross out moment.  He bought me a belated mother’s day cake from Baskin Robbins – jamoca almond fudge ice cream and chocolate cake.  (Yes he got some weird looks when he ordered it.)


I brought him a piece because he was holding Sabrina.  He put her down to eat it.  He noticed what he thought was ice cream on his thumb (see where I am going with this?) and started to put it up to his mouth to lick it off.  At the last moment, he realized it didn’t look like ice cream.  Yep, it was poop.  After we both shuddered, he ran off to wash his hands.

Sabrina and Angus aren’t ignoring each other quite as much these days.  Angus occasionally licks Sabrina’s face and Sabrina reaches out and grabs a handful of hair now and then.


Sorry, Steve made it so I can post photos again but for some reason the resolution is really crappy.  Guess I’ll have to have him work on it a bit more.  No posts this weekend – we’ll be on the road for most of it.

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    Yes! ?inally somet?ing about second.

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