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April 22nd, 2006

I know I am getting ahead of myself…I’m still waiting for my home study appointment (tomorrow!) so we are months away from even having a baby. But I am so looking forward to reliving and sharing things that I loved in childhood. I hope that I can be mature enough to not pout if she hates the things that I remember so fondly. (And okay, some of the things I remember fondly are from teen years but Deanna and I used to have cartoon nights. We would rent disney cartoon movies, eat junk food and smoke cigarettes…and yes, this was late high school and early college years. Don’t judge us.) Things that I look forward to having an excuse to read/watch again and share with my child:

The Velveteen Rabbit – I LOVED this book and totally worried about loving each of my stuffed animals enough that they could be real someday. My Aunt Pam gave me this book one year and I read it many times.

Black Beauty – My mom bought me a beautiful leather bound version of this book and I felt so grown up.

The Monster at the End of This Book – this was my absolute favorite little golden book. It stars Grover. I bought it for my nephew 10 years ago and used to be able to do the Grover voice perfectly. I think my sister got a bigger kick out of that than my nephew did. (Not to ruin the end for anyone…but Grover is the monster at the end.)

Nancy Drew – Nancy and her friends rocked! I hear they have started a new updated series…not sure how I feel about that. I used to get several of these every year for Christmas and my birthday.

Beverly Cleary – I loved her Ramona series. Bev totally got what it was like to be a 9 year old girl.

Superfudge – I have no memory of who wrote this book but I remember thinking it was hysterical when I was in the 4th grade.

Little Mermaid (Disney movie) – This is my all time favorite disney movie. I’ve heard they are bringing it out on DVD in October. I’ll be first in line. My dad bought it for me once but couldn’t find the Disney version – it was the Hans Christian Anderson version. She commits suicide at the end!?! What kind of kids story is that?!?

Judy Blume – I don’t even need to say why. If you were ever an 10 year old girl, you’ve read Are you there God? It’s me Margaret and you tried to get your hands on Forever to read the “dirty” parts.

Barbies – I know that they go completely against every feminist ideal I hold but I loved playing with Barbie and dressing her up. My barbies always had to walk around with one shoe though – those things are worse than socks in the dryer.

New boxes of Crayolas – nothing was better than cracking open that new box of 64, with the sharpener in the back, and seeing the possibilities.

There are also several things I am not looking forward to experiencing. Barney – I hate Barney. Teletubbies creep the f*** out of me. Mr. Rogers – okay, don’t send me hate mail but I never liked Mr. Rogers. I always thought he was condesending. Play-doh – I hate the smell and the only thing I could make with it was a worm.

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