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April 22nd, 2006

Rhonda, who lives in Alaska (and has really cool pictures and videos on her Still Waiting blog) and is soon adopting from Russia, has tagged me to share 6 weird things about me. That shouldn’t be too hard for me! I probably did 6 weird things this morning before I left for work.

A word of explanation for my blogging challenged friends and family – tagging is when a blog friend answers a particular question and challenges other bloggers to do the same on their blog.

6 weird things

1. Rhonda noted that she gets on food kicks. I have to own up to this one too. If I find something new (or sometimes rediscover something old) that I like, I will eat little else for weeks. I’ll get on a Triscuit kick and have to stock pile them until it passes and then won’t eat them again for 6 months. I drive my poor husband crazy. He introduced me to sushi – I love it! I was constantly begging him to go out for sushi and he got sick of it. I’ll get obsessed with movie theater popcorn and make Steve go to the movies with me even if there isn’t a movie I want to see. You just can’t make it like that at home (probably because I don’t have the proper artery clogging oils in my kitchen).

2. I can sleep through anything. I honestly don’t hear my alarm clock. I will hit the snooze button for an hour without truly waking up. I have the world’s loudest alarm clock and still sleep through it. Deanna has a story she loves to tell about the time I slept through a thunder storm (open window over my head, rain falling on my face) and wake up call in Switzerland.

3. I have weird food things besides the above mentioned kicks. I am all about texture when it comes to food. I will reject anything, no matter the taste, if the texture hits me wrong. Don’t even try to talk to me about tofu not having taste. I don’t care if it “takes on the flavor of what it is cooked with” – the texture makes me gag. Carrots? Love them raw but hate them cooked. Peas? Fantastic frozen but canned makes me ill. I also have a thing about chunks. Spaghetti sauce is meant to be completely smooth – the only chunks allowed are mushrooms or meat. When I make soups, I will puree an onion and saute it so that the flavor is there but no offending onion chunks. If a recipe calls for a can of chopped tomatoes, I will puree the can of tomatoes before putting them into the recipe. Thankfully I am a good cook and can compensate and tweak recipes to make up for my weirdness.

4. Toilet paper must roll from the top. I’ve been known to turn it around in other people’s homes. It’s an illness. That said, I almost never replace the empty toilet paper rolls at home. I will always make sure there is a new roll but I rarely put it on the holder. This drives Steve crazy so I’ve been making an attempt to reform.

5. I hate curtains. I don’t know why. We lived in our house for over a year with nothing on any of the windows downstairs. I have finally hung some curtains (old house…blinds would look odd) so that I can walk around in my underwear without giving the neighborhood a show. I don’t walk around in my underwear, because no one needs to see that, but I could. I also hate overhead lights. I think both of these things come from my mom. (Poor mom is getting blamed for an awful lot in my blog.)

6. Maybe this one is more shameful than weird. I don’t tell people this voluntarily but in the spirit of full-disclosure I feel I should include it in my list. My first concert was Culture Club. In my defense, I was only12 so I didn’t know any better. I have gone on to attend better (and cooler) concerts over the years. I saw Iron Maiden in my metal phase. I saw Bon Jovi back in the day when I wanted to be his child bride. Last summer, Steve and I saw James Taylor (awesome show – I highly recommend seeing him if you are a fan). I guess the other thing I should share is that I own very few CDs recorded after the 1980s. I don’t like new music – call me an old fuddy duddy. You know the Bowling for Soup song 1985? (That’s one of the few more recent CDs I own.) I can relate (well not the unhappiness but being stuck in 1985 music-wise). I remember being a kid and my mom not knowing any of the music I liked. I swore I wouldn’t be a parent who didn’t listen to popular music. Funny how those things work out, isn’t it?

Okay, I don’t have a lot of friends who check in with blogs so the only one I can think of to tag is Erinberry (LOVE the name of her blog…Jesus Was Not a Republican). So tag you are it!

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