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May 23rd, 2006

  • To say I don’t love my current job would be a gross understatement. One of my least favorite activities is having meetings which involve a particular lawyer. I would rather bang my head repeatedly into a brick wall than have a conversation with him. But today, we had a meeting and he was almost pleasant. He actually made a concession on a point we’ve been arguing for 7 months. My theory is that he got laid this weekend.

  • Because this adoption process is testing my patience, my poor husband is suffering. I am usually patient and even-keeled with him. Lately though, I snap at him over things I would normally take in stride.
  • I love office supplies. Pens, pretty paperclips, a new pad of paper, planners, folders, sticky notes in fun colors – I love them all.
  • When I walk into any store, without looking at a price tag or trying, I will immediately gravitate to the most expensive thing there. For example, on Saturday we went to a nursery. There were probably 75 big planters/pots out front. Without even getting out of the car, I said to Steve “Oh look at the cool white one toward the end! I love that.” I walked over to it: $149.99. For a freaking empty pot. I bought one for $18.99 that I loved slightly less.
  • I have this want/need to be crafty yet I have no crafty skills. I used to crochet a little but I got away from it and have forgotten how. I tried to teach myself to knit but it isn’t going well – I can do it, just not well. Beyond sewing on buttons, I don’t know how to sew. I tried scrap booking but wasn’t a fan. Every time I walk into a craft store, I get the itch. I want to sew/paint/build/knit/sculpt something really cool. I just don’t know what. I keep thinking I need to find a crafty hobby that I enjoy and then can make a bazillion dollars selling on eb@y while I am a stay at home mom. Bazillion dollar ideas that I can steal anyone?
  • Steve and I were out shopping the other day. He says “Hold still” and starts picking something out of my hair. I freeze, thinking it was a spider. He proceeds to pull out a gray/white hair. I have to say that freaked me out almost as much as a spider.
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