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The Paperchase is invading my subconscious

May 25th, 2006

A couple of nights ago, I had a very vivid dream. I was working in some non-descript small agency and an older man came in. He was very agitated. He and his wife were trying to adopt from Africa. He had been trying to get a letter written correctly and had been running all over town but no one would type it correctly for him. I, of course, declared that I was also doing an international adoption too and understood his frustration. He and I sat down together and I typed the letter for him. He thanked me profusely. It was very vivid – I can see his face clearly and could feel the paper in my hand.

Today, I didn’t go into work because I wasn’t feeling well. I took a nap this afternoon and had the dream again. But this time, I received an email from someone that I had made a huge mistake on his letter. He then came in the front door of this agency again. He was very angry – saying that I was only hurting his child by delaying this adoption. I apologized and offered to re-do the letter for him. His wife called me and expressed her displeasure as well. We sat down together and fixed the problem in the wording of the letter. He wasn’t happy but was less angry when he left.

Guess I don’t need Freud to analyze that one, do I? Hopefully, my paperchase doesn’t last too much longer, otherwise he’ll keep visiting me. Next time, he might be armed.

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