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Can close businesses in a single bound

August 25th, 2006

Remember my post of weird things that happen to me or around me? Like Taco Bell running out of taco meat? Or the pizza place being out of pepperoni? Well there is another odd thing that I didn’t mention. Whenever I find a favorite dish at a restaurant, they take it off the menu. There was this certain pizza and certain microbrew beer at a local pub that made me very happy. Both gone. The horseradish crusted Chilean sea bass at Atria’s? Finito. My favorite portabella and shrimp soft tacos at Mad Mex? Vanished. Seriously, it happens a lot. It’s like a weird (and undesirable) super power. This weekend it seemed to spread beyond just menu items to engulf entire restaurants. (Thankfully none were even close to my favorite…but they served a purpose.)

Last Friday night, Steve says “Let’s go to Damon’s.” We like to go there, have a couple of drinks and play trivia now and then. We arrive – out of business. Because we were in the mindset for that type of food, we head over to Lonestar. Out of business. The next night we decide to go to a movie and grab something to eat beforehand. We decide on a restaurant right across the street from the movie theater. Out of business. We decide to run through the Taco Bell drive through just to grab something quick. Out of business. This seemed extremely odd because there are new businesses opening all of the time in our area so it certainly isn’t stagnant as far as new business goes. (I mean we just had our 3rd Target in a 10 mile radius of us open up.) What happened to them all? And did they all close at the same time or did we just not notice until now? If I have this power, why can’t I make all King’s Restaurants disappear (King’s is the most foul chain I’ve ever been in – think Denny’s with much worse food and a lot more dirt).

But the news that sent me over the edge was this: DSW closed. Not all of them, just the one closest to me. I love DSW (I hate paying full price – I’m all about bargains). I’m not quite sure how I can go on without access to name brand discounted shoes. (I know…I started with food and ended up at shoes. But doesn’t everything always come back to shoes?)

**I’m really reaching for things to talk about these days. Nothing is happening in adoption land for us so I have no news.

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