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Lessons learned on the PA turnpike

September 7th, 2006
  1. It is hard to keep a straight face while listening to a 300 lb trucker with 3 teeth order a “venti caramel macchiato” at 6AM.
  2. 4AM wake up + 2 large lattes + 1 diet pepsi + 203 miles = serious crash from caffeine buzz at precisely 1:13PM.
  3. I am incapable of getting water out of the motion activated sensor faucets at the rest areas.
  4. There is one bathroom stall door with a working lock on the entire PA turnpike.
  5. 75 year old man + 1 greyhound bus sized RV + 1 SUV being towed behind RV = 18 car pile up waiting to happen.
  6. A medium soft drink is now 32 ounces.
  7. People (read me) should not consume 32 ounces of diet pepsi unless people want to stop at every other rest area the entire way home.
  8. Accidentally reading an article which calculates exactly how many calories are in a Cinnabon cinnamon bun will actually stop me from ordering a little piece of nirvana while on the turn pike – one of the joys of the turnpike by the way.
  9. Starbuck’s on the turnpike has vastly improved turnpike travel.
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