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August 29th, 2006

Wow! I loved hearing what everyone had to say about this topic! I don’t usually do open discussion topics because often no one discusses and then I feel like I am talking to myself. And thank you to those who usually don’t comment for chiming in! I love hearing from those who want to comment (plus I can check out your blog too if your ID is linked to it). And those who don’t comment for whatever reason (not enough time, nothing to say, etc), no worries. I won’t pressure you all to de-lurk.

I hope everyone was able to take this post in the spirit it was intended. It wasn’t meant to make any one feel bad or guilty or to invalidate anyone’s journey. I was just curious what others thought. I can see both sides of the issue. And I truly believe that everyone’s pain and frustration is valid – we can’t quantify it and say “look my situation is more painful than yours”. We’ve all chosen to adopt for a variety of reasons and are equally deserving of bringing a child into our home to love – whether it is our first or our 7th (God bless you Sig). This chickenbussing chickenbus is hard no matter what your personal situation! No one would go through this process unless they truly had room in their heart for another child. Thank you all for sharing some of your thoughts. (Anyone else who wants to give their 2 cents worth is welcome comment section is always open!)

And thanks for the input about Bob as well. I’m still turning it over in my brain and waiting to see how it plays out. I appreciate the thoughts to consider.

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