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August 28th, 2006
I don’t often throw out topics for discussion but a post Tricia made got me to thinking. I’ve often wondered if those who have children have an easier time with the wait portion of the adoption process. They are busy loving and caring for their child(ren) so perhaps the longing for a child isn’t quite as sharp as for those of us who are childless. They aren’t marking yet another occasion without a child in their lives, without a family.But the flip side of that is those who have children know what they are waiting and wishing for (and missing out on post-referral) so perhaps they feel the wait more sharply because it isn’t just an idea/dream to them but something already part of their reality. They miss the baby smell and baby smiles rather than just imagining what it must be like.

So, please offer your thoughts on this. This isn’t meant to be a divisive topic because we are all in this together. I’m really curious to hear what both sides of the issue think. There are about 100 of you who check in daily so feel free to come out of hiding and post a comment even if it is your first. Mine isn’t a controversial blog so as long as you are respectful, I don’t imagine expressing your opinion will create any hard feelings.

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