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August 26th, 2006
Well, as is obvious from my inspiring subjects this week (a 2 part-er on my bathroom, restaurants closing, and diaper bags), there has been nothing to report in adoption world. Carla is still stuck in PGN and Guatemala. Sig had some heart-wrenching news early this week when she lost her referral. But yesterday she received a new referral and feels very connected to this baby. Other than Sig’s yesterday, there have been no new referrals at my agency since the 8 we saw 2 weeks ago. The longer between referrals, the further we fall back on the list due to our agency’s formula for referrals (people who rank higher in ‘priority’ become paper ready and move ahead of us). If I had known about this formula of theirs? I wouldn’t have signed with them. But it’s not something that was revealed until we were well into the process. I never dreamed I would be penalized for being childless when trying to adopt. I talked to people from other agencies and no one has an agency which does that (I’m sure they exist, I just haven’t found one) – it’s based strictly on date of completed dossier at most agencies. Hopefully my decision to use this agency will prove smart later in the process. Monday will mark 5 weeks waiting. There are a few families who have been waiting a month longer than we have so hopefully they will hear some good news this weekend. We fallen far enough down the list again that I’ve stopped keeping track. (I think we may be back in double digits…that’s after reaching #5 or 6 at one point.) I don’t know how many people may have received that coveted 171h and moved ahead to wait for their referrals. And if you are one of them – heart felt congrats. I would never begrudge anyone their baby. I am so happy when I see referrals. My bitterness has nothing to do with those ahead of me on the list. It’s all directed at the inanimate formula which governs the list. And very dependent on my mood.

Chickenbus! I’m a whine ass today. For better news, check out Elle. Elle expressed some regret that she would be away when I receive my referral and she would miss the excitement (she’ll be in Russia picking up Pickle so I don’t think it was really regret…just a nice sentiment). Elle, I’ll still be here whining about the wait when you get home in 3 weeks – you’ll only miss my excitement if you are too busy with motherhood to read blogs for awhile (which would be totally understandable). Safe travels. Also, Stephanie is picking up Emma in China right now. Her post of their first couple of days together is sweet. And Karen is traveling to pick up her baby in China in 2 weeks. AND Mary-Mia is trying to make it through the weekend so that she can finally receive The Call on Monday. So there – I guess there are some wonderful things happening in adoption-land.

I love this clip. Most people have seen it at some point – it’s laughing babies. It just cracks me up.

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