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October 30th, 2006

We came home a bit poorer yesterday. But we had so much fun at Target. I took my list (with the additions from my blog friends) and hubby set me loose in the baby department.

Here was the list. The things we bought are in bold:

Snot Sucker (& saline – thanks for the tip! is regular saline spray okay or is there special baby stuff?)
Snot Sucker
Baby bath & baby lotion
Baby Tylenol
Diaper cream

Bottles (WOW there are a lot of bottle choices)
Variety of nipple sizes
Dish soap
Bottle brush

Dish towel
Formula pre-measuring thingy
Tummy time mat
Bumbo Seat & Bouncy chair

Burp Clothes
Socks & Crib Shoes (thanks for the tip)
Baby Blankets
Couple of rattles/toys
(These entertained Steve immensely
Thermometer and vaseline
Baby Gas Relief Drops

Instead of a tummy time mat, we took your advice and got a bouncy chair. The clothes situation we will have to assess as we get closer. If she doesn’t gain more weight, I will need to buy some more clothes and sleepers in a smaller size because I sent many of the smaller ones down to the foster mom.
I had to laugh, after this not inexpensive trip to Taget, Steve has come up with the perfect birth control for our daughter when she is a teenager. He says if he brings her to Target and shows her everything we needed to buy for 5 days with her and makes her add it all up the total will scare the beejesus out of her. 


Steve is convinced that all bottles are the same – they are just marketed in a way to make mothers neurotic. I must say we spent 15 minutes in the bottle aisle and I felt like a moron. I ended up with Playtex Ventair Wide. They sold me on the less bubbles in the formula. Regardless, we had fun. It was the first time I didn’t feel like a fraud in the baby department because I knew we needed all of these things.

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