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October 30th, 2006

I mailed out my dad’s birthday present today.  His birthday was September 21st.  I’m a horrible child.  I sent my mother’s birthday (May) and mother’s day gifts to her in August.  I’m an awful child.  There is always a reason.  With both, my initial reason was that I didn’t have anything to put them in.  Mom’s gift was long and fragile.  I couldn’t find a box that would accommodate it.  Dad’s gift (which I bought in June so I think of these things well in advance) just needed a photo mailer but it took me a while to get to Target and pick one up.  Then I ordered a whole bunch of photos of Sabrina from Snapfish.  I wanted to wait for them to arrive so I could send some.  I’m just a horrible kid. 

I’m the one you see in the UPS store on December 23rd willing to pay $275 to get $100 worth of gifts to Texas by Christmas.  I don’t know why I do this. It’s really quite sad. 

The downtown post office I use is in an office building of sorts (there is also a little restaurant with a kick ass BBQ chicken burrito…but that’s another story).  I left the post office area and decided to quickly duck into the ladies room to wash my hands.  I stuck my head down the wrong short hallway looking for the ladies room.

In the background, I can hear the coat check guy “security” guard saying “Can I help you ma’am” to someone.

There were a dozen people around and I was no where near him so I figured he was talking to someone else.  I continued wandering down the main hall (this is a very public area so not like I was intruding on NSA secret wire tapping sessions) and he starts saying “Hey lady!  What are you, deaf?  Quit ignoring me.”

I realized he was talking to me so I looked over at him.  I’ve already spotted the ladies room at this point and don’t appreciate him screaming at me across the hall.  And am I deaf?  Who is this guy?  Archie Bunker?  I gave him a small smile and said “I am fine.  Thank you.”

He yells “Quit ignoring me.  I said ‘can I help you?’  Now what are you looking for?”

I dropped the smile and was less friendly but replied “I was looking for the ladies room.  I see it.  Thank you.”

He yells after me “Hey! No reason to be rude.”

As Carla would say…And scene.

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