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A date with Scrooge

November 22nd, 2006

2 weeks!?!  We leave 2 weeks from today to visit our sweet girl!  We are both incredibly excited.  I’m also nervous but Steve claims to have no worries.  I think we are ready gear-wise for the trip.  I washed everything last weekend and am planning to start packing this weekend.  We picked up a couple of munchies to keep in our room (beef jerky – I know Carla will approve – and some granola).  I’ve made my own packing list.  I think this might be the most prepared I’ve ever been for an international trip (picture me up until 3am before leaving for Greece, Scotland, fill in the country, doing laundry and cramming things into a suitcase figuring I can sleep on the plane).

I’m even trying to be pro-active in battling the post-visit blues.  I took the day after we get home off so that I can 1) feel very sorry for myself while lying in bed with the covers over my head, moaning and sobbing at 15 minute intervals and 2) drive to Ohio and pick up my dog who will be spending the time we are gone with his country cousins.  The other thing I have done is plan something that I’m really looking forward to for the weekend after we return.

I’ve been saying since I moved to the city that I want to go see either the Nutcracker or the Christmas Carol.  It’s been years since I’ve seen either and I’ve never seen either here.  I gave my husband a choice between the 2 and wasn’t surprised that he chose Christmas Carol over the ballet.  So I bought tickets to the show the Saturday after we get home.  After the show, we are going to go out to dinner at one of our favorite (and decidedly non-baby friendly nor non-one-income-family friendly) restaurants.  We will eat a nice dinner, drink a nice wine, and enjoy ourselves while reminding each other we won’t be able to do this once Sabrina comes home.  The weekend after that is Christmas and the one after that is New Years – so I should be okay until mid-January.  And mid-January is blah for everyone in this part of the county so I won’t be alone in my crankiness.  By then, mom and I will likely have a trip planned to go back down to visit and I can start a new countdown.  I think that is a pretty decent plan for dealing with a situation that sucks donkeys.

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