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Black Friday

November 24th, 2006

I miss the 80’s.  Yes, the hair was big, the eyeliner was heavy and the clothes were bad.  But anything low fat was good for you.  No one worried about carbs and calories were an after thought.  All that mattered was fat content.  I could feel virtuous eating pasta, rice, and bread.  I love pasta, rice and bread.  (I went on Atkins for 5 days once and was ready to hijack a bread truck.)  This morning I had a bagel.  I don’t eat bagels very often because I know I shouldn’t.  But man oh man.  A honey whole wheat bagel with a smear of pumpkin cream cheese and a cup of hazelnut coffee – mornings don’t start much better than that.  And the bagel place is right by a cool area down town that does an ice skating rink and big Christmas tree – kind of our mini version of Rockefeller Center.  So it was a good breakfast and some Christmas spirit at the same time.

I don’t shop the day after Thanksgiving.  There are no sales worthy of that type of headache.  I am not a fan of malls to begin with but add in an extra thousand people and I become a major Grinch.  The only shopping we did was at a little neighborhood Italian market.  Yesterday’s wonderful turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes were eaten with such zeal that there aren’t many left overs.  So we went to this little market and got some hand made lobster ravioli and sausage stuffed banana peppers for dinner.  Other than continuing to eat our way through the weekend, we don’t have any real plans.  Just hanging out and enjoying the decent weather and the long weekend.  Hope you are all doing the same!

On the adoption side of things, we have no news but a couple of others have had some excitement recently.  Stephanie received her referral – a baby boy for Thanksgiving!   Andrea also received her referral of a baby boy last week!  And Julie left on Thanksgiving day to pick up her son in Guatemala.  Congrats to those who had wonderful news to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

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