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Secret Blog Pals for international adoption

November 26th, 2006

Tricia asked about how to get a secret blog pal on her blog and then Carla prodded me again about it. So we’ve decided to start our own group of secret blog pals. Someone invited me to join a group awhile ago but I got distracted by something shiny and never signed up. Since I missed that boat and several people said they were interested on Tricia’s comments, we are going to start another group.

What is a secret blog pal? We will “assign” pals to people who sign up. You will receive little surprises in the mail from your secret pal. The little gifts might be hand made or something they purchased. (We want to put a cap on the amount spent so that everyone can afford to participate.) These might be little gifts for baby or for mommy. You, in turn, will send gifts to your pal.
Requirements? If you are adopting internationally or have recently adopted internationally (recent is a relative term but if you are reading our blogs then you are recent enough) then please join in. We are still talking about the logistics (will blog pals change every few months or will you have the same pal forever? what will the $ limit be – we are thinking $10?) so those details will be forthcoming. If you don’t have a blog but read and comment on other blogs, you can still join us but it might be harder for your blog pal to get to “know” you without a blog to read. If you don’t have a blog, I can always post your thank yous here to your secret blog pal so they know you received and enjoyed your package.
To get started, send us an email answering the following questions. None of this will be published publicly and will only be shared with your blog pal.


Mailling address

Country adopting/adopted from

Where are you in the adoption process? (Is your baby home? Are you paperchasing? Do you have a referral?)

Gender, name, age, current size/weight of baby (if known)

Age you are hoping your baby will be at homecoming

Do you have a nursery?  What is or what will the theme be?

Do you have other children at home? If yes, ages.

Favorites or dislikes (for example if you are adopting a girl but hate pink, tell your blog pal this…or if, like Carla, you have a love of all things camo, share that…if your tastes are traditional or funky you can also tell your pal this)

Blog address

Email address

Any other info you think might be helpful for a secret blog pal

If you are interested in participating (you don’t have to “know” the other bloggers…it isn’t that kind of secret club), email us at secretblogpals at yahoo dot com. We will allow 1 week for sign up. Then we will start sending out your secret blog pal information.

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